In Which We Started Our First Feud

You gotta love Twitter.

Last week, before we even posted the first episode of The SIDESHOW Podcast (go download it on iTunes NOW), yours truly, the ROCK(jock), managed to piss off a band and alienate its entire fan base. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Our new listeners will quickly realize I love to be bombastic and in your face. Remember though, it’s all in good fun (usually) and we’re just trying to entertain you. It looks like it worked too because not only did I have a blast doing it but apparently you all enjoyed following it as well! Thanks to everyone who checked out @SIDESHOWPodcast on Twitter for our first ever live Tweeting/review session at last week’s Frak the Gods Tour stop at Gramercy Theatre here in NYC. Expect more of these soon.

For those of you who missed it–WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?! Go! Head over to Twitter right now and follow @SIDESHOWPodcast for shenanigans like the ones below. That’s right–I’m awesome and won’t make you go fish out all the old Tweets. I’ve posted the entire transcript from last week’s live Tweeting session so you can experience for all the hilarity yourself–including my standoff with Stray From the Path. Boys–the offer still stands. Somebody needs to put me in my place!

NOTE: The Tweets go in reverse order (just as they would appear in your Twitter feed) and feature no time stamps. This is also completely unedited, hence why the Tweets sometimes appear out of the order they were intended. Once we get a handle on this whole, newfangled “blogging” thing, we’ll try being a little less ghetto and do a proper live blogging session from a show. But for now, you’ll enjoy it this way and be happy to have it.

@strayfromdapath You guys are more than welcome to come on anytime and make me eat my words. We’d be happy to have you.

@strayfromdapath Hahaha premature evaluation. I retracted my statement later…kind of.

Stray From the Path’s response to my earlier assessment:
@SIDESHOWPodcast hahahahaha what?????

(That’s what I get for Tweeting from the subway station)

And with that, our first live Tweeting session is officially over. Hope you all enjoyed it. Sweet nightmares all you Freaks out there.

1. @tcband. Follow them. They’ve earned it. As well as a spot on the next episode of @SIDESHOWPodcast.


T-2. @PeripheryBand / @TexturesBand

Rating tonight’s bands from worst to best…

4. @thebinarycode

5. @strayfromdapath

+10 points for lead singer stage dive

Longest last song EVER. But in a good way.

Shout out to their moms in the audience = metal as fuck

I lied. They do have a DJ. Just not on stage. Special guest guitarist too but I didn’t catch the name.

Next @PeripheryBand album this Spring!

Surprisingly, no keyboardist or DJ. BUT! That leaves room for THREE guitars. Watching them interact may be the best part of the show.

Still wish they were a @AnimalAsLeaders-style instrumental band. #Insaneproclamations

Also, much more impressed with @PeripheryBand lead singer live than on CD.

Crowds can make or break a concert. This one’s making it.

Drum solo!

Oh FUCK YEAH. THIS is everything a metal concert should be.

I’ve never seen a crowd lose its shit every time a new band member walks on stage

For a band only an album and a half in, @PeripheryBand has quite the setup and fanbase

Fauxcore (n. or adj.) – Music from kids who grew up on hardcore and emo but belong to neither. Copyright the ROCK(jock), 2011.

I just can’t get into that #fauxcore stuff.

Last song for @strayfromdapath finally. They’re not as bad as I said earlier. Decent musicians and it seems like they’re trying.

Note to meathead metal bands: the more you tell your audience to circle pit, the worse you look when they inevitably don’t.

Don’t understand why the hell we’d spout such blasphemies?? Download the first podcast this Sunday and find out!

The ROCK(jock): @OfficialOpeth is not a metal band

Nick: #UntotheLocust is better than #TheBlackening

Brian: #TheHunter is better than #CracktheSkye

#Insaneproclamations time!

So instead of listen to them I’m going to steal a bit from the last episode of @danieltosh because we’re not above that.

WOW. Seriously, @strayfromdapath is every stereotype about LI you know and hate in musical form.

Looks like the entire NYC metal community is here. What’s up @axl_rosenberg and @frankinjection! You guys skipped the Jonas Bros. concert?

RT @axl_rosenberg Holy shit, Textures are good live.

RT @frankinjection @texturesband needs to come back to ‘murica again and again and again…

Um…apparently being on @SumerianRecords doesn’t mean what it used to…


Long Island’s own @strayfromdapath filling @HumanAbstract’s spot. Don’t really fit the tour but they’re on @SumerianRecords so all is well.

Amazing set from @TexturesBand. New appreciation for “Polars” and my criticisms of new singer and album continue to soften.

Half of @TexturesBand wearing @tcband shirts. @tcband was that awesome.


@TexturesBand’s first U.S. tour. Wouldn’t know it from the crowd.

@TexturesBand up next. They just put out a new album. We didn’t review it on the first ‘cast but we did review it. What?! Find out Sunday!

Oh and the end of the @tcband set? Crowd was DEMANDING “one more song.” They earned it tonight. Amazing set.

Gotta love a headliner that works it’s own merch table. Kudos @PeripheryBand.

Discovering new music at concerts is one of my favorite things in life.

Allow the ROCK(jock) to get real for a minute — Go to shows where you only know one band on the bill.

HOLY. SHIT. I’m not even sure I’ll mKe it to the end of the set before buying one of everything at @tcband’s merch table.

Ladies who can hold their own in the pit = awesome

Incredible musicianship. Beautifully haunting and sprawling guitar melodies. @tcband fits perfectly on this bill.

The ROCK(jock) though? Hooked.

@tcband’s first song rolled four different movements into a one. Nick would hate them haha.

@tcband about to start. Never heard them before. Crowd definitely has.

Actually, it’ll be the ROCK(jock)’s first time seeing @GWAR_Oderus. What should I expect?

(@SIDESHOWPodcast will be there and loving every moment)

Playing @everytimeidie between sets. Reminds me they’ll be at @IrvingPlaza in a few weeks. OPENING. FOR @GWAR_Oderus. #WTF

Simple banner and lighting makes for an awesome stage backdrop for @PeripheryBand.

Music is solid though. Great musicians. Little less deathcore, little more prog/experimentation and @thebinarycode would be perfect.

Last song for @TheBinaryCode. Not bad but not a lot of energy either.

Oh man! I totally went to the wrong show!

RT @reigninblonde Joe Jonas is playing Best Buy Theater tonight. The crowd outside is skanky in the cutest possible way.

@GramercyTheatre is PACKED already! Was not expecting this type of turn out for the headliners, nevermind an opener.

Just walked into the theatre proper. @TheBinaryCode is on stage.

I’ll try to find the interview next week and do a whole blog post about how it happened. One of my favorites from the @WQAQradio days.

I am super bummed however. And I was serious abouth @HumanAbstract being friends of the podcast!


@TexturesBand merch guy says they had another tour in Europe to go to. Might as well go home now.

WHATTHEFUCK?! Just got to @GramercyTheatre and found out friends of the podcast @HumanAbstract left the tour!

First up…Chipotle! Mmm…

Are y’all ready for @SIDESHOWPodcast’s first ever live concert Tweet-a-thon?!

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