LIVE BLOG – Chimaira LIVE! at B.B. King’s, NYC

R(j) 12:14pm – Post-concert showers are the best. That’s all for tonight kids. Don’t forget about Episode #5 THIS SUNDAY where I’m sure we’ll have much more to say about this evening.


R(j) 11:11pm – Where have I been for the last hour-and-a-half of this (not) live blog? Watching this show transform from the strangest, oddest concert experience into one of the best shows of the year. It may be my last time at BB’s but it was just the first of MANY Chimaira shows. (Did I mention I was a Chimaira virgin?) Mark Hunter is the consummate frontman, with his cocky smile and crazy eyes. Rob Arnold looks like he’s having more fun than a Brian in Disney World. The entire band is laughing and cracking jokes in a way I’ve never seen another band feel so at home on stage–all way maintaining complete. Fucking. BRUTALITY. Seeing Chimaira fills your veins with black evil and makes you want to tear down the Empire State Building by yourself, piece by piece–and I mean that in the best possible way. The live blog may have been an epic fail but tonight was an unbelievable success for every person in that venue.

R(j) 9:27pm – OH MY GOD WHAT PARALLEL UNIVERSE HAVE I STEPPED INTO?!?! Last two set change songs: “Sandstorm” and “Cha Cha Slide.”

R(j) 9:20pm – This show is just weird. Besides all the other things mentioned, there is virtually NO ONE here. I feel like Chimaira is way to big for this.

R(j) 9:07pm – I can’t tell if this is the last song or a sermon.

R(j) 8:58pm – Brand new song. Too bad it sounds like all the others.

R(j) 8:56pm – KILLER vocals too. Seriously, it sounds like he’s tearing apart his lungs every time he launches into it.

R(j) 8:51pm – Heavy as fuck too.

R(j) 8:47pm – First good news of the night! Impending Doom not nearly as offensive as I remember. They’re at least starting to develop their own sound. Unfortunately it’s still pretty rooted in deathcore.

R(j) 8:32pm – Strike #953268521: The house beer from Magic Hat looks like piss and tastes like shit.

R(j) 8:28pm – See Revocation the first chance you get. What an amazing live band. Too bad BB’s didn’t do them any favors. Seriously, I’m never coming back here.

R(j) 8:14pm – Revocation might not be that bright but DAMN can they play. INSANE guitars–riffs, solos, ALL of it.

R(j) 8:09pm – Revocation frontman definitely just forgot No Remission’s name when he asked the crowd to “give it up for the first band you saw.”


R(j) 7:49pm – Well tonight looks to be a roaring success as there appears to no cell service in the bowels of this hell hole. So while I’ll continue blogging, chances are you won’t read this until AFTER the concert. Yay technology!

R(j) 7:43pm – Didn’t sell my ticket. Missed No Remission thanks to Brian’s sister. No coat check. #Firstworldproblems (Hashtags are meaningless on WordPress, aren’t they?)

ROCK(jock) 7:21pm – Stranded Brian to make an ATM run. Operation SELL MY FUCKING TICKET better be “Mission Accomplished” by the time I get back there.

ROCK(jock) 7:07pm – The time has come! Welcome to The SIDESHOW podcast’s FIRST live blogging session. Just arrived at BB’s. Now trying to sell the extra ticket the Current Mistress abandoned me with.

ROCK(jock) 6:11pm – Horns up you Freaks! We’re less than an hour away from The SIDESHOW Podcasts very first LIVE BLOG of the Chimaira/Impending Doom/Revocation Show at the B.B. King’s Blues Club in New York City! Be back here at at 7pm for all the chaos.

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