We’ll Make You Famous

A few weeks ago, The SIDESHOW started soliciting music from YOU!—our faithful Freaks. You’ll find a link at the top right corner of the site, entitled Contact Us. Click there and you can do two things. First, you can submit your music for review. Keep in mind, we won’t be able to even listen to everything submitted but the ones we do get a chance to check out and that catch our ear, we’ll feature in a segment from time to time, either here on the website or on the show itself. Hell, we may even do an interview! Second—and this is where you have the best chance for exposure—we want music submissions we can use on the show to spice things up a bit, whether it be to intro one of our segments and give us a little background music. By submitting your music, you give us the right to use it in any way we see fit but rest assured, all music that appears on the show or here on the website will be fully credited. We want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship and see it as a way to not only interact with our fans, but also to provide an outlet to talented acts that may otherwise never get the exposure they deserve.

As some incentive and proof that this actually works, to FINALLY fulfill a promise I made wayyyyy back in our post In Which We Started Our First Feud, and to pump you up for our interview with new Metal Blade act HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE—I present to you an offering from The SIDESHOW vault.

Back in 2006, I had just taken over as host of the The SIDESHOW and put a LOT of effort into building a MySpace page to promote the fact that for the first time ever, we would be streaming online to a worldwide audience. This caught the eye of a fledgling band that just released its debut album and wanted to get the word out. I had never heard of them at the time but I was ecstatic a band signed to a label with an actual album out in stores contacted ME for an interview. It was the first time it wasn’t the other way around. I’ll always have a soft spot for The Human Abstract because of that—you know, aside from the insanely talent music and masterfully crafted albums.

Both the band and The SIDESHOW have gone through a myriad changes since this 2006 interview. Hell, Nathan isn’t even the lead singer of The Human Abstract and hasn’t been for some time now but their enthusiasm for making music and doing whatever it takes to put it in the hands of new listeners is a spirit the band still embodies to this day, as evidenced by how hands-on they were in promoting their latest effort, Digital Veil.

Listening to this interview years after the fact gives it a whole new layer of meaning and I hope you guys enjoy this unpolished gem as much as I did rediscovering it.

Human Abstract Interview 2006

If you liked you what you heard, then not only should you submit your band via the “Contact Us” page and put “The SIDESHOW Bump” in action for yourself but you NEED to come back this Sunday (11/20, Episode #7) for one of the our best interviews EVER—and the first since launching the ‘Cast. It’s the ground floor to something big because mark my words—Hammers of Misfortune is going places. Thanks in (small) part to The SIDESHOW Podcast.

-the ROCK(jock)

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