Episode 11: The Festivus Begins!

Our long-teased holiday celebration is here! Your three wise men kick the season off with a bitch-and-moan-fest as we partake in the Airing of Grievances! We vent about the most worst album art, debuts, and live acts of 2011, amongst other things. Oh, and there may even be a Festivus Miracle somewhere in there!



  1. Yeah, Cold sucked! I had the same experience at the 9:30 club in DC.
    (Volbeat rocked, save for the 30-somethings that now make up the mosh pits.)

    Webster Theater will be the worst venue for 2011 and all years past and probably future… If they can’t even pick up a new couch off the side of the road, rather than that spring-skeleton in the underground, they clearly have no intention of making anything better.

    Also, mainstream production sucks. I call this the “Reason I can’t listen to the Foo Fighters”.

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