Episode 13: It’s 2012, but We’re Not Quite Done with 2011 Yet…

Happy New Year freaks!!  Before we start digging into the the (hopefully) wonderful goodies that 2012 will bring us (tune in next week for that), we present to you our Top 10 of 2011.  This list is the combination of your hosts’ personal lists, bringing you our collective must-buys from this past year.  So, you should just listen to this in the car on the way to your local record store, credit card in hand.  Or, for you CD haters, you  could just surf iTunes or Amazon or wherever while listening, and get your download on. Either way, do as we say and buy these albums!



  1. I fail to understand the statement “if I’m being objective…” as it relates to reviewing music. The only objective statements that can be made about music are ones such as “this song is 4 minutes long, has 140 beats per minute, and is in the key of A minor.” Any list the best albums of 2011 is completely subjective. Decibel ranked Heritage by Opeth as their number 2 album of the year, yet it didn’t even enter into the discussion of any of your albums of the year. Who is being objective about Opeth: you guys or Decibel? The answer is neither of you. Everyone’s biases, pre-conceived notions, and past experiences contribute to our subjective opinions about music. If that wasn’t the case, then there would be no need to listen to your show because there would simply be one objective list of the best albums of 2011. But since that’s not the case, I’ll keep listening to find out your subjective opinions each week.

    1. I TOTALLY agree Bob! A lot of people do take the musicianship and skill of the individual members into consideration when trying to look at things “subjectively,” but as I always make a point to acknowledge – I’m a biased person and my reviews tend reflect that.

      Either way, thanks for listening and for the feedback!

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