The ROCK(jock)’s Best and Worst to Make Your Ears Bleed – 2011 Edition

Before The (All-New) SIDESHOW Podcast makes 2012 its bitch, my co-hosts and I wanted to give you Freaks something to hold y’all over until the new releases start pouring in. Let’s face it, the beginning of the year is always pretty weak for new music. Not to mention, it might be hard to wrap your heads around the epicicity that was 2011 (for good and bad) considering it took us five episodes to cover it all (9-13 if you want to take a listen!). Which is why each of us is boiling down our picks into one, manageable blog post. Check out Nick’s here. Check out Brian’s…nowhere. Because he sucks. FIRST BURN OF THE NEW YEAR! WOOHOO!


Worst Album Art
DevilDriver, Beast

Worst Live Act
Winds of Plague — 2/24-2/25 opening for As I Lay Dying at Gramercy Theatre

Worst Debut
Structures, Divided By

Most Disappointing
Protest the Hero, Scurrilous

Worst Album
Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, IV


Best Album Art
John Dyer Baizley for Black Tusk’s Set the Dial and Kvelertak’s Kvelertak — A discovery of ignorance. Baizley’s distinctive and intricate illustrations have also been some of my favorite album covers ever (including the amazing artwork on all the Baroness covers and the unforgettable cover to Darkest Hour’s Deliver Us), I just never knew the artist responsible. His surrealist works are often brightly colored yet still earthy and dark, perfect for the sludge metal covers he’s become known for.

Best Live Act
Dillinger Escape Plan — 5/14 opening for Deftones at Best Buy Theater; 5/15 headlining at Music Hall of Williamsburg; 11/19 opening for Mastodon at Terminal 5

Best Debut
Kvelertak, Kvelertak — While obviously a completely different band, Kvelertak earn the award for the same reasons iwrestledabearonce did two years ago. Their first album is an extremely promising, totally fun, completely different offering that metal, and all music in general, so desperately needs to keep moving forward. Nothing else like it this year.

Most Improved
The Human Abstract, Digital Veil

Most Overlooked
Volbeat, Beyond Heaven/Above Hell (this one’s for you Brian)

Top 10 of 2011
Check out the ROCK(jock)’s best EXCLUSIVELY at Officially A Yuppie.

As much as 2011 may have sucked musically, it was a great year overall thanks to all of you reading this right now. You helped Brian, Nick, and myself launch The SIDESHOW Podcast to far more success than we could have anticipated. We take that very seriously and thank each and every one of you for your support. We hope you’ll stick around for 2012 as we get bigger, better, and BLOODIER. \m/

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