Episode 15: Trying New Things is Fun…Sometimes…Maybe…

This week, your fearless leaders give a shot at Kyle’s New Year’s resolution of diversifying in our inaugural “Shit We Missed” episode.  While this may become an occasional segment (as opposed to a entire episode), the idea is we go back and try out releases we previous ignored for one reason or another, and in this run, we gave some highly regarded 2011 releases we skipped over the good ‘ole college try.  What did we think of them?  Well, let’s just say there were mixed feelings….



  1. Great episode guys. I thought the things you missed provided some great opportunities for discussion, since it broadened the music base a little bit.

    Also, for some reason basement troll Brian made me think treasure troll. That is a way more ridiculous look for him.

  2. Thanks for the shout out in the beginning of this week’s episode. As for other shit we missed from 2011, either I missed the episode where you discussed Megadeth’s 13 or you just didn’t talk about it. Now I haven’t yet listened to 13 myself, but was wondering why there seemed to be no mention of it on your podcast. Is Megadeth too commercially successful or too “pop” oriented? Is it because the album release is too high profile? Is it because Megadeth’s time was up 20 years ago?

    I myself am more of a “classic” metal guy (for lack of a better term). One reason I listen to your podcast is to discover new music based on your opinions and recommendations of bands and albums that I otherwise would not have heard of. Thanks to you I have been recently enjoying 17th Street by Hammers of Misfortune. So in that regard, I don’t need you to introduce me to Megadeth, but I was still curious as to your thoughts about it.

    1. It is definitely not a popularity thing…Kyle and Brian actually went to the Big 4 last year. It’s just that, while the three of us all tend to have varying tastes (as you can plainly see), none of us really like Megadeth. We respect the hell out of Mustane’s guitar work and writing, but he was done 20 years ago…and his voice is excruciating. (Brian: I also think they are painfully boring live)

      That said, there are a handful of songs that have riffs that are too awesome to ignore….we’re looking at you Symphony of Destruction.

      Since you are a “classic” metal guy, let us know what you think about In Solitude if you give it a spin. I know we (or Kyle at least) commented on it as being unnecessary, but I think it is because that style of metal has been relatively dormant over the last decade and a half (thrash has been around forever, but unlike the more traditional stuff, it never went away). It is a decent album, and may be right up your alley!

      Thanks again for listening!

      1. I checked out The World, The Flesh, The Devil by In Solitude for the past few days. Even though Brian said it might appeal to fans of Ghost (who I like), I pretty much agree with Kyle on it. There just didn’t seem to be anything that grabbed me about the music after a few listens. Also similar to Kyle, I have not listened to a lot of Mercyful Fate or King Diamond and have been meaning to get around to listening to more of that. Even though I generally like the style of music that In Solitude plays, I’d rather listen to the new stuff being put out by the bands that were actually around in the 80s (such as Megadeth or Anthrax) rather than a new band making that type of music.

      2. Whoa whoa WHOA. Brian does not represent the ROCK(jock) so lets be careful when throwing out statements like “We respect the hell out of Mustaine.” WE do not.

        However, I respect the hell out of our listeners, especially Bob (mainly because he agrees with me), which is why, just for him, I will make a point of listening to 13 this week and either giving it a quick review here or on the air. I’ll even educate myself and throw in some Mercyful Fate and King Diamond in a little roundup of 80s classics.

        Don’t ever let anyone accuse us of not being men of the people!

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