Episode 17: …And Now Back to the Music

Finally!  Some music to review!  While there is not a whole lot of releases starting off the year, we do finally have a few albums, and some new singles to fill in the gaps.  Also, in this episode, Nick does an impression of a boy trying to sing high notes while going through puberty, and we discover Kyle has a new-found fascination for loincloths.  Fun times all around!

Album reviews: NightwishImaginaerum; Enter ShikariA Flash Flood of Colour; LoinclothIron Balls of Steel

Single reviews: Caliban – “Dein R3Ich”; Still Remains – “Reading Lips”; Veil of Maya – “Vicious Circles”


  1. Apparently today is Nightwish day. In addition to your unexpected (but not unwelcome) review of Imaginaerum, I watched Sam Dunn’s cool documentary series Metal Evolution where in this week’s episode he interviewed Tarja Turunen and Tuomas Holopainen. Today could have turned into loincloth day, but fortunately I came across no references to loincloths outside of your podcast.

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