Win a SIGNED Copy of Lamb of God’s Resolution!

First, The SIDESHOW went boldly into the 21st Century with the unveiling of our new social assault on your senses. And now, we bring you our first contest! The prize? A SIGNED copy of Lamb of God’s latest release, Resolution (which we speak very highly of in Episode 18).

One of the ROCK(jock)’s favorite past times is checking in on Crazy Uncle Randy’s latest ramblings over on the Twitter. Apparently, @lambvox had so much to say, he followed in our footsteps and built a blog too! A few weeks ago, Randonesia landed the exclusive of primary season by launching D. Randall Blythe’s presidential campaign. Now, while Randy can belt it out with the best of them from behind a mic, can he inspire a nation from the Oval Office? The SIDESHOW wants YOU to decide!

In the comments, tell us why you would or wouldn’t vote for the King of the Rednecks to lead this great nation of ours. Brian, Nick, and yours truly will pick the best answer and announce the winner in Episode 20! The faithful Freak with the best comment will win a SIGNED copy of Lamb of God’s latest album, Resolution:

But don’t be like the 90% of Americans who choose the leaders of our country based on their favorite colors. Get informed! We’ve included an excerpt of Randy’s platform, a link to his full stance on the issues, and even his first campaign ad, all to help you make an informed decision when you Rock the Vote! (Listen, I’m not proud I had to co-opt an awful MTV slogan either but it’s the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. Cut me some slack.)

Crazy Uncle Randy says…

We need a hard-boiled, no-nonsense, mean son-of-a-bitch with a bad reputation who ain’t afraid to cock-whip the shit out of some randomly selected pussy-ass billionaire on live tv during his annual State of the Union Address just to make a point and let the mega-rich know that NO ONE is above the law here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. In short, we need a man who just DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK.

The Big Cheese

Grinding for your vote (Courtesy: The PRP)

“Grinch Economics”  (Courtesy: The PRP)

Contest is open to anybody and everybody. All entries must be made before 5:00PM EST on Thursday, February 16, 2012.  An “entry” is a comment made that explains your position for or against Randy Blythe as president.  Multiple entries will not increase your chance of winning; the first entry will be the one considered for the prize.  Additional comments made remain in the post, but will NOT be considered.  The winner will be announced during Episode 20, which will be available for download on Sunday, February 19, 2012. The winner will be contacted after announcement via email or direct Twitter message, depending on the contact information left in the entry. Prize will be sent to winner after we are provided with a mailing address. Void where prohibited.


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  2. Hey, my strategy almost worked. If only three other people hadn’t commented I’d have won!

    To respond to why Randy Blythe is running for president and where he is going with it, to my jaded perception it is obvious: publicity. Isn’t it convenient that he announces all this right before a new Lamb of God album comes out?

  3. I would vote for Randy, b/c he would never win, but getting some votes might show the established parties I am tired of their nonsense. Plus he’d be on tour a lot, so how much damage could he do… ?

  4. I know nothing about the band or Randy, but I thought there should be at least one entry that took a minimal amount of effort.

    He does not have a store-bought attitude.
    There is nothing sugar-coated about his stance.
    He rebels against the usual way of doing things,
    I love his idea that if he decides America is going to war with another country, he will be REQUIRED to kill the first of the enemy, on their home turf, face to face in a brutal manner and with a primitive weapon.
    I think that will end up with more than broken glass and a broken jaw.
    I hear he is actually a nice, warm-hearted, generous,
    articulate Southern Male with impeccable manners, so southern drawl for the win.
    His not being willing to take any donations.
    I think he would make a good president, if he lives past his first action as president.

    1. I would not vote for Crazy Uncle Randy of LAMB OF GOD for president because of his bias against the Catholic church. It’s a melting pot, dude, a God Damn melting pot…. Jesus Christ.

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