Episode 22: Growing Pains

This past week saw new releases drop “like a ten ton hammer, son.”  There were so many, in fact, that not only can we not possibly cover all of them, but the ones we do are split onto this and next week’s episodes! We also talk about The Haunted’s future, give you a quick run through of some recently announced tours, a tangent about bands growing and staying fresh, and Kyle’s realization that there are some things you have to do as a grown-up that aren’t fun.

Reviews: Christian Mistress – PossessionEluveitie – Helvetios; I The Breather – Truth & PurposeNapalm Death – UtilitarianNarrows – Painted



  1. hahahahahahaha

    How’d I know brian would drop everything he was doing to immediately defend these clowns? pretty much EXACTLY the reaction I was “trolling” for.

    Of course I know a lot of people like this band. I cant explain it any better than I can explain AC/DC still selling albums.

    But to your point about them starting out as a nu-metal act, you are right in that I completely forgot that and botched my history. sorry about that. You are correct to assume I was talking about “Impossibility of listing to the whole thing” but I’m not really that big of a fan anyway.

    1. (Sorry Jon. Didn’t mean to delete the original post on ya and leave you hanging)

      When every album sounds distinctly different, how can you say it is
      stale or as adding additional tracks to a previous album? And what
      other bands do you find Chimaira ripping off? I don’t think they are
      ripping off any bands more than any other band that has been around
      for 14 years.

      Also, do your homework. I am assuming the “Slayer” rip-off you’re
      referring to is “The Impossibility of Reason” and that was their third
      album (second to be released on a big label). It’s predecessor “Pass
      Out Of Existence” actually was more of a nu-metal album than anything

      Their last album also sold over 7000 copies in its first week, which
      is pretty damn good nowadays for a metal album. So that would average
      more than 20 fans per state and explain why their last tour in 2011
      was a headlining tour.

      And yeah, maybe you’re just trolling to piss me off. Congrats! You
      succeded! But mostly because you didn’t get your facts straight.

      (I’d also like to point that while I am a big fan, the last album
      BARELY snuck onto my Top 20 last year)

  2. New to episode 22-

    D’ya wanna drinking game?

    The rules are simple:
    Every time Kyle says his token catchphrase “d’ya wanna know what?”
    you take a shot.

    Be warned though kiddies, this game is not for the weak of stomach
    (yes bob, you can make yours espresso shots if you think your heart can handle the caffeine)

    And I dont care where you got your bar tending degree, you wont be able to pour ’em as fast as kyle can say it, so it might be a good idea to have a dozen or so lined up before you hit play

    Let the good times roll!

    1. I wonder what would happen if we attempted this while recording? Just have a line of shots in front of our mics, and then see what the last 20 minutes of the show sound like.

      1. This could be fun. How about a shot any time someone (such as Kyle) asks “why are we reviewing this” regarding an album. When that question is posed, it usually ends up being an album that I like, such as Opeth or Nightwish.

    2. Couple more posts like Bob’s and we’ll have a full rule set by the next episode! Though, we may want to change Jon’s to “take a drink of your beer/cocktail” and add in Bob’s rule. Now we need another, say one for sips and one for shots and we’ll be good to go!

  3. Kyle, I hear you about getting old and apartment hunting. I’m getting to the point where I find myself bypassing shots of Jack Daniels in favor of shots of espresso. And I won’t bore you with the details of the 18 month saga that it took for my wife and me to move into our current apartment in the city.

    Nick, AC/DC was making the same album for 20 years before Godsmack came around.

    1. Good point Bob. ….I guess the difference was that I never liked AC/DC and they were on the way out before I got into this whole “rock thing.” You are 100% correct though.


      1. yeah totally. There is another really obvious AC/Smack Of God that the hosts of this show praise to no end and I’m sorry because I just dont see it.

        Their first album sounded like a poor mans slayer, and every attempt after just sounds like a few more tracks to add to the first entirely skip-able album, and that band is chimaira. WHY are they still around? Its not even like they are getting stale re-releases of their own sound, its just stale re-releases of a shittier version of another bands sound! I feel like any time you catch them opening up for a real band, that the 15 to 20 kids making asses of themselves in the circle pits in front of the stage have GOT to be the only 15 or 20 fans that band can hold in that given state.

        maybe I’m missing something. Maybe the band slipped some kind of drug into the first thousand copies of that inaugural album that would make anyone who touched it a mindless fan for life. Maybe ac/dc is still putting out fresh new records that push the soccer-mom rock genre.

        but then again… maybe not.

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