Episode 24: Just When You Thought You Had Us Figured Out…

…a couple of us decide to show a different side.  How?  Well, one of these reviews goes in an unprecedented direction, and the shock of it had Brian scrambling for words.  Another one brought about a much more intelligent discussion of it’s merits instead of the expected “this kind of metal sucks” review. Amongst this, Kyle shares his most recent concert experience (which is much better than his last, btw), and we bring in a new segment for your listening pleasure.

Reviews: Cannibal Corpse – TortureEpica – Requiem for the Indifferent; Soulfly – Enslaved


Some of the music for this weeks episode can be found at Musicalley.com


  1. Since you mentioned you might review some more shit you missed in upcoming episodes, I could recommend a few things:

    Alcest – Les Voyages de L’ame

    Dyscarnate – And So It Came to Pass

    Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction

    And I don’t think you talked about Metallica’s Beyond Magnetic. I realize you guys can’t review everything, and even though you listen to probably three times as much stuff as I do, I would still say that these four are worth checking out, with Alcest being my favorite of the four.

  2. Random comments:

    -Kyle, Buffalo Bills? At least you aren’t a Patriots fan.

    -Some other Roadrunner artists: Gojira, Hatebreed, Opeth, Nightwish, Trivium, Black Label Society, Dream Theater, and how could you forget Killswitch? Oh, but they also have Nickleback, Korn, and dare I even bring them up: Megadeth.

    -I love the comment that the Knitting Factory is in the middle of nowhere. I thought it was only in my Manhattan-centric view of the world that Brooklyn could be the middle of nowhere. It was also telling that it was only the guy in Massachusetts who noticed the fire engines. We quickly learn to tune that stuff out when living in the city.

    -The odds of Kyle and Nick getting the same song on a truly random shuffle are 1 in 593,883,642. The odds of hitting the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 175,711,536. But random number generation on a computer is not really random, it still has to be a calculation based on an algorithm. And many of the algorithms are based on the current time. So if two people generate a “random” number at the same time, you are more likely to get similar results.

    -Epica has become one of my favorite bands, and Requiem for the Indifferent has been one of my most highly anticipated album releases of the year. Requiem for the Indifferent is a bit long for it to have sunk in yet for me after only 5 days (only listening to it twice so far), but I like what I have heard so far.

    -Surprising to hear the positive reviews on Cannibal Corpse. If a band such as them (or Napalm Death) releases over 10 albums that I never liked, it’s hard for me to give another album by them a chance. But if something gets enough positive reviews I’ll naturally want to give it a chance. But having said that. I don’t plan on checking out the new Napalm Death. There are just too many other albums right to check out that I’d rather try something from a band that I haven’t listened to before rather than something from a band a haven’t liked before.

    -Your first sub-hour show went an hour and 5 minutes.

    1. – Kyle is from CT. They don’t have real sports teams, so he doesn’t know any better.

      – Hatebreed and BLS are not on RR anymore, but valid point. For the records, I also knew those bands were on the roster, but again…Kyle doesn’t know things.

      – How could you not notice the fire engines?? Ha ha ha. But yeah, point taken. Living in in the suburbs, that would probably annoy me equally as much.

      – It is definitely a long release, and I still need to spend more time with it (there is so much to catch up on), but I still think it is not going to be as good “Design Your Universe” for me.

      – That’s pretty fair. I think I would generally feel the same way. And, if it wasn’t for the show, I feel confident in saying Nick and Kyle would also feel the same. But, if you did choose to try a few tracks, there are various new CC and ND songs streaming online.

      – Yeah, well…telling time is not part of the requirements.

    2. – Kyle likes The Bills, Black Holes, Your Mom, Vacuums, and a whole lot of other things that suck, but we try not to hold it against him.

      – oh hell yes nickleback. who could overlook those guys???

      – DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SHOW WHILE DRIVING. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve caught myself looking around for some sort of emergency response vehicle or moving to the side of the road to let [ nothing ] past me. Maybe kyle should post his physical mailing address so that we can start sending in donations of pocket lint and hairballs or other things he could line his nest with to help dampen the sounds of whatever third world hell hole he broadcasts from

      – calculating odds sounds like a lot of fun. lets try an exciting experiment – everyone hit shuffle at 10:59pm this thursday and post (honest) results back here… based on some nerd research on time aligned iTunes shuffle quantum algorithms that should let the world know if Abba is in Kyles playlist
      or not.

      – meh

      – keep em long. The beauty of a podcast versus live radio is that we don’t have to sit down and liten in one take, because for most of us life would get in the way of even a half hour show. But a podcast is more like a book on tape, and (against my own advice) I like to listen while commuting to and from work, and some of these longer episodes are good for a round trip. and sometimes half way there the next day. I love it when the episodes run long and hard, almost as much as kyle loves other things long and hard.

      1. Ha ha. Ok, so first there were the fake Brian comments, but now there are fake comments of the guy who comments. I’m flattered.

        Have you seen the Monty Python sketch of the Travel Agent with Mr. Smoke Too Much?

        Tourist: My name is Smoke-too-much.

        Travel Agent: Well you’d better cut down a little then.

        Tourist: What?

        Travel Agent: You’d better cut down a little then.

        Tourist: Oh I see! Cut down a little then…..

        Travel Agent: Yes…I expect you get people making jokes about your name all the time?

        Tourist: No, no actually it never struck me before. Smoke…to…much….

        Robert Salad? No, I’ve never heard that one before!

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