Episode 27: A Turning Point

While it may look more subtle to some of your listeners, it was readily apparent to your hosts that some of the reviewing has indeed matured past the “I don’t like Death Metal, so this album sucks” or “this band has done the same album a bunch of times, so I know this new one is going to suck before I listen to it.”  Obviously, personal tastes in certain sub-genres and preferences toward a band’s sound is still going to play a role, but, generally speaking, there is a less bias going into the reviews.  And if Brian’s scream at one of Kyle’s reviews doesn’t drive this home, then we don’t know what will.

Reviews: God Forbid – EquilibriumNaglfar – Teras; Overkill – The Electric Age

Exhume To Consume: Himsa


One comment

  1. I never thought that if I wished for it enough, that my favorite bands could be reunited. If I’m going to dream for the impossible, then I’ll wish for Richard Wright to return from the grave to reunite with the classic lineup of Pink Floyd. If I’m being realistic, I’m going for two bands whose flame burned out too soon: Quicksand and Luna Mortis.

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