Episode 28: 28 Weeks Later

15 Days Later: The Sideshow Podcast is quarantined

28 Days Later: The Sideshow Podcast has been destroyed by the “rage virus

5 Weeks Later: The infected have died of starvation

11 Weeks Later: A Kyle-led Festivus enters the show

18 Weeks Later: The Sideshow Podcast is declared free of infection

24 Weeks Later: Reconstruction begins

28 Weeks Later…

Reviews: High On Fire – De Vermis MysteriisJeff Loomis – Plains of Oblivion; Job For A Cowboy – Demonocracy



  1. The Google+ real name policy has caused issues for a lot of people. Though it is annoying you can’t use your stage name, some people have had issues with being kicked out for using a real name. I find it annoying that if you have a page you can elect to post as that page, but I haven’t found a way to save that as the default.

    1. Yeah, it is really annoying. It look sliek the name we currently have is approved, but I ahve not checked to see if it comes up when searching for ‘The SideShow Podcast.’ Also, posting as the Page wasn’t so much the problem as was not being able to share directly to the Page from Reader. Considering we primarily use G+ to share news, itwould take me an extra three steps to share very news article we wanted…and I am not quite ready to do that.

  2. -Since you brought up Mastodon, I had to give my two cents on them as they are fresh in my mind from having seen them a few days ago and also having listened to The Hunter a lot recently. I didn’t listen to The Hunter when it first came out, as there were 4 albums that came out about that same week so The Hunter got put aside until recently. At first listen, The Hunter disappoints. After the grand, sprawling epic that Crack The Skye is, it seems as though the songs on The Hunter die out just as they start to get going. I have a feeling that after recording Crack The Syke and then having difficulty playing it live, Mastodon decided that for their next album they would write songs that are easier to play live (just as Metallica did with the Black album). So they just came up with one riff and short lyrics and then said that was good enough and moved on to the next song. But you know what, those riffs and lyrics got into my head after repeated listenings. Once I stopped comparing The Hunter to Crack The Skye, I realized that The Hunter is a very good album. The psychedelic aspects and the direct quoting of Beatles lyrics (“All the love I make Is equal to the love I take”) spark me to conclude that The Hunter is a metal version of the Beatles Revolver. Is Revolver the best Beatles album? No. Does Revolver break new ground? Not really. But it is solid from start to finish without any let up, just as The Hunter is.

    -For instrumental albums, I like the first Animals As Leaders, but the gold standard to compare Jeff Loomis to is Joe Satriani with Surfing With The Alien (the one with the Silver Surfer on the cover). You bring up a great point as to why something like Surfing With the Alien is such a good album: there is never a point where I think that the songs would benefit from vocals. The songs on Surfing With The Alien contain mostly regular song structures without the endless noodling that sometimes occurs on guitar albums. But in the case of Surfing, I never think the vocals are missing.

    -Kyle, you brought up a good question about the shock and awe about Marilyn Manson, because I can’t quite figure out what the appeal of Manson is. The only reason I can think of is for the shock value. Most “shock rock” holds little appeal for me because the music usually fails to hold my attention. And I agree that the best thing Manson does is covers.

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