If you smeeeeeeell what the ROCK(jock) is cookin’

Yes, that’s exactly where I came up with my radio personality—a combination of my love for wrestling and the corny DJ names at 106.9 WCCC in Connecticut. It also made for a pretty sweet opening to my radio show (I’ll post that at a later date).

I reveal this bit of SIDESHOW trivia to you because in a companion piece to Brian’s trip to Disney World, and to fulfill a promise from Episode 28, I present to you a “Once in a Lifetime” slideshow from Wrestlemania XXVIII.

See, my friends and I never do anything normally. Where’s the fun in that? We’ve turned the Fourth of July into the biggest holiday of the year—a week-long event of fireworks, flags comprised of glo-sticks, and redneck American pride. We brought this special brand of celebration to the Showcase of the Immortals for the first time last year and upped the ante this year in anticipation of the biggest match in history. Speedos were adorned, chairs were wielded, and chicks wore fat suits.

So what does this all have to do with bringing you the best (and worst) in music to make your ears bleed? Not much. But neither did Disney before Brian laid waste to it. Most important, surprising, and exciting though is the fact that I haven’t been to a show in over a year (including last night’s Black Dahlia concert) and not seen someone wearing a CM Punk shirt. BEST IN THE WORLD BITCHES.

CAUTION: The ROCK(jock) and The SIDESHOW Podcast take no responsibility for eye irritation, vomiting, trouble sleeping, or any other ill effects viewing these photos may have.

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  1. Oh. My. God. I will admit that when I used to watch the WWF (because that’s what it was called then) I got together with some friends to watch Wrestlemania. But there were never any costumes involved or anything close to this level. If this is what you do for Wrestlemania then I can only imagine what you do for Comic Con.

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