Episode 29: Who Gave the Bassist the Mic?

Continuing in our efforts to keep things fresh, we let Nick take the reigns this week.  In his hosting debut, he takes us through our usual new reviews as well as another installment of Sh!t We Missed.

With that, you have now heard all three hosts lead the shows.  So tell us…who is your favorite?

Reviews: By Night – Sympathy for TomorrowThe Safety Fire – Grind The Ocean; Upon A Burning Body – Red. White. Green.

Sh!t We Missed: Black Breath – Sentenced to LifeMencea  – PyrophoricWretched – Son of Perdition



  1. I am working on it, Bob. I don’t like it there either. I’ve already bleached my eyes once and I don’t think I can do it again.

    And apparently your tastes are more aligned with Kyle’s than Nick’s or my own, judging n your reaction to the SWM segment this week. Which is fine…just didn’t see that coming.

  2. Can you please post some more entries on the blog soon in order to push Kyle in all his wrestling glory to the “older posts” section? My eyes are still bleeding from seeing that.

    And regarding “shit you missed”, you don’t have to take the title of the segment so literally. All the albums from that segment this week really are shit.

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