Episode 30: Get In the Pit and Try to Love Someone

Kyle gets back in the saddle this week to reveal our official list of proper concert etiquette.  This is something we have mentioned doing in past episodes, but in the last couple of weeks, your hosts have attended a couple of shows where we got to observe the happenings more closely and finalize this list.  These shows include Fair To Midland and Dead Letter Circus, as well as The Black Dahlia Murder’s headlining run, which are both reviewed in this episode.  This list, which should be followed by you…yeah, I’m talking to you…and everybody else will be posted on this site for reference and modification, if need be. Oh, and we also review some new albums and talk about other heavy-music related things, per usual, AND we reveal the winner our Jeff Loomis album giveaway!

Reviews: DragonForce – The Power WithinWith Knives – Schadenfreude; Skyharbor – Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos


  1. Can we get rid of the three-syllable-chant for the band? I don’t know if that’s etiquette, but it sucks. Also, there have been times where I’ve CERTAINLY known more about the sound than the sound guy, but I tend to keep my mouth shut. Although, if Katatonia has bad sound again next time I see them, it’s going to be a problem.

  2. So now that the contest is over, who are your guys picks for favorite modern metal guitarist?

    And sorry guys, I’m wearing one of my Opeth shirts to the Opeth concert and you can’t stop me!

    1. Ya know, I never really thought about this too much. I think I would have to go with Michael Amott. I don’t think this guy can write a bad riff…yet somehow he didn’t even make the Top 25 list MetalSucks did a few months back.

      1. Yeah, I like Michael Amott’s stuff as well even though I haven’t heard most of his early stuff (with the exception of Heartwork). And I didn’t know about that Metal Sucks list of the top modern guitarists but I just looked it up. Call me thickheaded, I don’t quite get their pick of Kirk Hammett as the “fake” #1. I mean, I get it when they pick Insane Clown Posse as a joke for their #1 album of the century, but I fail to see the irony for picking Kirk Hammett. Seriously, they picked Synyster Gates as #23 but Kirk Hammett is a “fake” #1 and not even on the real list? Other than that it is a pretty cool list that makes me want to check out that Revocation album from last year that I never got around to listening to.

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