Episode 31: Hammered Smashed Face

Before you listen to this podcast, go grab a beer.  We’ll wait… … …you back? Good.  As some of you may recall us mentioning in Episode 23 that we would eventually make a drinking game based off of a bunch of comments we received on Episode 22.  Well, the wait is now over because in this episode we reveal the rules of The Official SideShow Podcast Drinking Game*!  Not only that, but in a move that is in no way a bad idea, your three host play said game during this episode!  (But do not expect this to become a regular thing…) While this is happening, we provide our sometimes-very-diferent views on four new releases, during one of which, Nick provides what is possibly the best review the show has ever seen.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it is a positive review…it’s just done so well, Kyle and Brian are left almost speechless.  Almost…

Reviews: 7 Horns 7 EyesThroes of AbsolutionBereft – LeichenhausMares of Thrace – The Pilgrimage; Torche – Harmonicraft

*Official rules HERE


  1. Many of my favorite songs of all time fall mostly into the category of classic and epic (or you could say old and long):
    Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    Nightfall – Blind Guardian
    Suite Sister Mary – Queensryche
    Killing In The Name – Rage Against the Machine
    Battle Hymn – Manowar

    This list is just off the top of my head, so maybe I’ll think about it more and list some stuff that doesn’t fall into the “classic” category at a later time.

    I watched that “On The Record” segment on women in metal and here’s my take: clean female vocals represent a compelling contrast to male metal vocals and heavy music in general. The beauty of an operatic soprano voice matched with harsh guttural vocals and heavy guitars can make for something unique and interesting. Epica is one of the bands that does this best. Even though Simone Simons is clearly the star, the songs work better when contrasted with Mark Jansen vocals (even if only occasionally). And though Arch Enemy don’t qualify with my above statement about contrasting vocals, Angela’s vocals are great in and of themself and combine that with the guitar work and songwriting of Michael Amott it makes for a great band.

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