Episode 33: Hunted, Hung, Decapitated, Exhumed

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet: In another jam packed week, Nick leads through a variety of music reviews (ranging from awesome deathgrind to far-less-than-awesome more traditional metal), first impressions and another music submission!  This week’s submission comes from Skelectory, an unsigned band from Maryland! Also, we finish off our look at favorite songs/singles with Kyle’s picks, and we exhume another band from the grave to see if they are actually missed.

Oh, and make sure you stick through to the end so you can Skelectory for yourself!

Reviews: Cattle Decapitation – Monolith of InhumanityHung – Hung; Huntress – Spelleater

First Impressions: The Acacia Strain – “Servant in the Place of Truth”; The Agonist – “Ideomotor”; Gojira – “L’enfant Sauvage”; Mnemic – “I’ve Been You”

Exhume to Consume – Damageplan – New Found Power


If you want your band (or your friend’s band…or that band you just saw at the bar) featured on the show, send an email to Brian at Brian@thesideshowpodcast.com


  1. I agree with Kyle about Phil Anselmo’s vocals. But I don’t agree with Kyle and Nick about “prog.”

    If all you need are guitar, bass, drums, and another guitar then I’m still trying to figure out what the other 5 guys in Slipknot are doing.

    1. ….as is the rest of the world! HA!

      Yeah, I know my rational of “progressive” and “prog” is total BS and I could never defend it. To me there is just something not right about TesseracT and the like being lumped in with Dream Theatre and DragonForce. There are no similarities between them in my book, so I need to differentiate somehow!

      1. Is Dragonforce prog? I don’t think they are. And One didn’t really strike me as prog, so I tried to look up what genre Tesseract are but they don’t have an entry on metal archives!

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