Episode 37: Live From New York…

Did you ever wonder what would happen if all three hosts recorded an episode in the same room together, each toting a Nerf (TM) gun? No?  Really?  Kinda surprised by that… Well, at any rate, you now have an answer!  Brian, Nick, and Kyle all got together at Brian’s house, set up in the living room, and discussed some more new releases, the different types of Doom Metal, and shot each other in the face. It was pretty fun and a nice change of pace.  Hopefully you think so too!  And if you didn’t like, well you’re in luck as well since it probably won’t happen again for a long time, if ever.


Reviews: The Agonist – PrisonersAhab – The Giant; Black Sheep Wall – No Matter Where It EndsDawnbringer – Into The Lair Of The Sun God

P.S.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. granddads. uncles, godfathers, and any other father figure those labels don’t cover.


  1. god damn I hate doing this but….

    I have to back up Kyle.

    Kyle: The Agonist sounds European
    Brian: Well their not.
    Kyle: they’re American?
    Brian: Yeah dude. Check your facts.

    As Bob already implied – you’re both wrong. They’re from Montreal. As in Canada. Not American. The chick even speaks french (a European/Canadian language) as the intro to one of the last tracks. So yeah, while Kyle is kind of known for not checking his facts, I understand thinking they sound European, but Brian is the Fact guy. fact guys should check their facts. Especially when calling out someone for not checking their facts.

    ..dont get into semantics and defend that Canada is on the North American continent cuz we all know thats not what you meant…

    1. I won’t get Ito semantics. I was wrong. And it’s sad I messed that up because as I started reading your comment, I knew I was wrong. But…oh well.

      Thanks for being that guy who points out our flaws and corrects us in a constructive, not at all douchy manner! Much appreciated.

      Anyway…since you are a pretty big fan of these CANADIANS, what did you think of this album?

      1. Yeah, I am a pretty big fan of these guys, but I didnt think your 3 way try was too far off based.

        I bought the album the day it came out and listened to it for pretty much a solid week. I can say that it while it is more polished and way more produced than their previous work, It is still a band that most people aren’t going to run out and buy on first listen, but thats true with pretty much all their work. Theres a lot going on in all of these songs, and if you’re not a person who likes really layered music, then they’re probably not a band for you. But for me, I like a band that I can hear something new in every spin, and since everyone in this band is SO fucking talented, its cool to keep hearing little nuances, even after a few solid days of listening to only this album.

        Also – tend to enjoy more high-gloss super produced metal that you guys write off as “commercial” and instantly dump on it. I’m not that cool. I like obscure bands as much as the next guy, but I also do enjoy bands that have hooks and can fit into big arena shows. – that said, I didn’t mind that this was a little more predictable than their last albums. Songs like “You’re coming with me” and “Dead Ocean” were definitely some that got a few repeat plays. Nicks comment about them “holding back” I felt was more of them giving each other a little more space for parts to show through. I’m curious and haven’t looked to see if they have a new producer, because I know they were in the studio for a LONG time on this one, and feel like maybe there was an outside hand trying to mold and guide some go the layering.

        The drum work in this band was what caught me from day one (duh). But I definitely do appreciate their vocalist as one of the stronger voices in metal, and probably my favorite female vocalist because of her ridiculous range – yeah Kyle, thats all (90%) her.She is backed up in a few places by one of the guys, areas that want a scream to continue while she breaks to clean, but the full range of screams, from growl to shrill, and all the operatic cleans are the same little girl. But one thing I did like about this album is that she explored some more jazz influenced cleans (nick – circus music) and it wasn’t all operatic or death which we know she can cover from the last 2 albums. Those few little breaks were a neat change of pace that caught me off guard in a good way.

        I’d say overall Its a strong release, maybe not as strong as the last one for fans of the band already, but then I’ve only had it for a week, and its still growing on me. Definitely a good gateway album for people who aren’t as familiar with the band.

  2. PLR! Ah, I remember the days of having to wait through all the Allman Brothers they played hoping to hear some Pink Floyd.

    The Agonist’s Alissa White-Gluz was on the Canadian version of American Idol. Somehow “You’re going to Hollywood” sounds a lot more exciting than “You’re going to Toronto!”

    You threw me off there for a minute with the order of the “Do As We Say” switching Kyle and Nick around. I also had to do a double-take to make sure that Brian really was listed first after seeing a Skip in that first position for Black Sheep Wall.

    What happened to the sound quality of this episode? It sounds like you all took turns sticking your heads in the toilet bowl when you spoke. Though I have a feeling that there are not a lot of people out there who listen to the podcast for the production values.

    1. Yeah, sorry about the order (fixed now). After removing Kyle from the previous episode I had to paste him back in. ….apparently in the wrong spot. (it’s fixed now)

      The audio quality is a result of all of crowding around one mic vs. all in separate rooms (states) recording 2 inches away from our own mics. As Brian mentioned – it won’t happen often. Sorry if your ears are bleeding for other reasons this week!

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