Episode 38: Blame Flauren

So, we all know Kyle can be a cranky, unreasonable son of b!tch…that is something that anybody that has been listening to this podcast knows all too well by now.  However…what do you think happens when you stick him in a 90+ degree apartment with two failing air conditioners and his girlfriend watching Jersey Shore in the background?  Nothing good, that’s what. We get through four new album reviews and hit the G+ Spot before the Rock(Jock) loses his cool.  Eventually we all cool off and climax the show with a little tease of what will be a special Episode 39 next week.


Reviews: Dying Fetus – Reign SupremeMnemic – Mnemesis; Ne Obliviscaris – Portal of IRumpelstiltskin Grinder – Ghostmaker; Whitechapel – Whitechapel


  1. King Diamond/Mercyful Fate is/are from Denmark.

    Any album that starts with a 12 minute song yet Nick still gives it a buy must really be a good album. That deserves a drink or two.

    But don’t worry Kyle, I won’t be buying the Whitechapel album. Deathcore isn’t really my thing.

    And I know you didn’t ask, but for your next shit you missed you may want to check out the best power metal album of the year so far: Carolus Rex by Sabaton. Ok, it’s the only power metal album I’ve listened to so far this year, but it’s still a good album (I skipped DragonForce).

  2. Is there something wrong with the browser on my phone or does the “do as we say” on your site really say that Kyle gave Whitechapel a buy?

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