Episode 40: And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Podcasting

Now that we got that nostalgia out of out system, we are back with fully loaded episode. We start this week off with a look at the drama surrounding Randy Blythe and his manslaughter charges in the Chzech Republic.  Those of you who have been following Brian on Google+ are probably sick of hearing about it, but we would be remiss if we did not throw our unsolicited two cents in.  We then get into some brand new album reviews, one of which immediately becomes a two-on-one fight against Kyle.  Also mixed in there is a live review of metal legends Iron Maiden’s “Maiden England” tour stop at Jones Beach! All of this should be enough to make up for last week…not that we are sorry about it, but we are sure there are a few of you who were not as amused as we were.


Reviews: Gojira – L’Enfant SauvageMemphis May Fire – Challenger; Miseration – Tragedy Has Spoken


  1. Don’t assume that your audience only narrow mindedly listens to the most metal of metal bands. I want to listen to good music that has distorted guitars in it no matter what someone labels it (and I enjoy a wide variety of other music as well, even if I’m only into heavy music at the moment). While I haven’t heard any Memphis May Fire, this year alone I am a fan of albums by Alcest, Nightwish, and Anathema, all of which are debatable whether they are metal.

    I think I am destined never to see Maiden live. I missed them a year or two ago at the Garden and I was in France when Maiden played both shows in the NY area this year (and my being in France had nothing to do with Gojira). Afraid to Shoot Strangers is a great song. I love that guitar riff in the middle to the end of the song which flanks the guitar solo.

    Since you are now anticipating that I correct you on something every episode (you corrected yourself on Flight 666), I’ll inform you that the Czech Republic is not a part of the Balkans. If you don’t know the difference between countries as far apart as Spain and Colombia, I wouldn’t even try to distinguish the countries that came out of the breakups of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

    And this time since you did ask for suggestions for an episode, I almost don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with some of my favorite albums from this year that you have missed so far. I realize that you guys listen to about 3 times more stuff than I do (I’d say I average about one album a week), but there’s still some good stuff you missed. Carolus Rex by Sabaton and And So It Came to Pass by Dyscarnate are two of my top 10 from the year so far. Other albums that I am listening to now that I’d be curious as to your opinions on that you may or may not get around to reviewing are Eremita by Ihsahn (which I would have thought you’d review) and The Lord Of Steel by Manowar, which I am fairly certain you wouldn’t be listening to on your own but that is all the more reason to hear your opinions about it and about Manowar in general. Another thing that could be interesting is your impressions of some albums released this year from non-metal rock bands, such as Slash, Smashing Pumpkins, or Van Halen (I’ve only listened to one of those so far). Then the final thing I might suggest would be reviews of classic albums. Stuff from before your time that could be considered groundbreaking or influential such as Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime or old Death. Or maybe a theme of a classic sub-genre such as 90s post-hardcore from the likes of Helmet and Quicksand. I could go on but that’s already about 8 albums too many to fit into one episode.

    1. Memphis May Fire is to metal as Blink182 is to punk.

      Rancid fans prolly don’t care about blink, slayer fans prolly don’t care about memphis.

      Is blink still punk?
      By today’s standards yeah.

      Memphis still metal?
      By today’s standards….

      Equal to or more than Coheed

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