Episode 44: Co-Headlined by Nick and Brian

After last week’s massive brawl, Kyle got fed up with how things were going and left Nick and Brian to handle the show on their own.  Actually, no, that isn’t really true; Kyle is not here this week, but that is because life got in the way, and he is apparently too busy and important to record.  So, your other two (arguably better) hosts take you through some new album reviews, a look back of some of the bigger headlines from the last week, and close out the show with a rundown of the many tours traversing the country in the next two months.  And, as fair warning, there are a lot of tours coming around, so start scrounging for change in the couch cushions and cut your drinking down (just a little).


Reviews: Gaza – No Absolutes in Human Suffering; Testament – Dark Roots of EarthVanisher – Unbound

One comment

  1. Are you (Nick) implying that a $30 ticket for summer slaughter is expensive??? There’s like 9 bands! 9 bands for $30? Sure, I don’t plan on seeing all 9 bands, nor do I plan on getting there at 2pm, so I’ll probably miss Goatwhore (the only early band I want to see), but even if I show up at 5pm and leave before Cannibal Corpse comes on, that’s still a bargain no matter how you slice it. I’m still trying to figure out how they are making any money on this tour when they have to divide a $30 ticket amongst 9 bands.

    I agree with Brian about Converge. I don’t see why they get a lot of critical acclaim. Jane Doe is the album of the decade according to Decibel? Not according to me.

    You (Brian) interned at Roadrunner? That’s cool. The business side of the music industry is something that I am not familiar with, but I’m not oblivious to the fact that it is an important part of music making and plays a role in the success of a band.

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