Episode 46: Self Bias Resistor? No Thanks, We’ll Keep the Biases

After a two week absence…which includes last week’s episode with our awesome Byzantine interview…Kyle returns to the fold and brings the show back to normal. In this more normal episode, we give our bias-even-though-we-try-not-to-be opinions on four new albums and four yet-to-be-released albums, which we preview through new singles. Oh, and we also briefly discuss the most batshit crazy asshat in Metal, Dave Mustaine.  (And Dave…just like the mass shootings, this discussion about your ridiculousness was NOT staged.)


Reviews: Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition; Ephel Duath – On Death and CosmosThe Faceless – AutotheismSophicide – Perdition of the Sublime

First Impressions: Cryptopsy – “Two Pound Torch”; Car Bomb – “Third Revelation”; Hooded Menace – “Summoned into Euphoric Madness”; Witchcraft – “Ghosts House”

The Faceless – Autotheism
Brian – Try | Kyle – Buy | Nick – Buy

Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition
Brian – Buy | Kyle – Try | Nick – Buy

Sophicide – Perdition Of The Sublime
Brian – Buy | Kyle – Try | Nick – Try

Ephel Duath – On Death And Cosmos
Brian – Skip | Kyle – Skip | Nick – Skip


  1. My biases? I am biased against any band that has any members with a Justin Bieber haircut. I’m looking at you August Burns Red. I’m also biased against mallcore, which I’m surprised no one else is biased against. Does that mean you all like mallcore?

    I saw The Faceless at Summer Slaughter for the first time live, and they impressed me at that show despite them only playing for what seemed like 20 minutes. They played a couple of songs from the new album, so I’m interested in listening to Autotheism. Planetary Duality was an ok album (seemed quite short, was it an EP?) and I’m looking for The Faceless to take their game to the next level with Autotheism.

    Brian says: “Before some troll online calls me out on that.” Who would do that? Kyle, it’s Paul Ryan who’s running for VP, not Ron Paul. But I’ll give you credit for knowing your conspiracy theories. Coincidentally, it was through Ron Paul (not Paul Ryan) where I learned about many conspiracy theories such as banking conspiracies and the Federal Reserve. The closer you are to an event the more shocking the suggestion of a conspiracy theory is. Trust me, if you suggested in 1942 that FDR knew ahead of time about the bombing of Pearl Harbor (which was in December of 1941), people would have shouted you down way more than Dave Mustaine is being simply ridiculed.

    I have an idea for what you can do for an episode in one of those upcoming slow weeks: you could have an Episode Zero. It was inspired by me only now getting around to listening to In Waves by Trivium and also by the forthcoming DC Comics releases of “zero” issues in September. As the one year anniversary of DC’s “New 52” approaches and also the one year anniversary of your podcast approaches (coincidence?), you could go back and review albums that were released just before your show started airing. Albums by Trivium, Revocation, Anthrax, or Wolves In The Throne Room that were released in September or August of last year would all be interesting to hear your takes on them. Also, in my own personal listening habits I generally think that one year after I first listen to an album is the right amount of time to conduct my own “let me try that one again” to find out if my original opinions of an album are still the same and if that album still evokes the same feelings.

    1. I interpret your silence at my insinuation that you all like mallcore to mean that you all really do like mallcore. The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you all love Asking Alexandria.

      1. Define “mallcore” for me. We’re gonna have a chat about “core” in general in an upcoming show….

        Speaking of Asking Alexandria, we’ll be doing a First Impression on 47

        None of us dig the mallcore scene, we’ve just all been hella busy this week…

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