Episode 48: Someday Brian Will Learn How to Use Words Good

We were supposed to have a fourth review this week, but when supplying the music, one host accidentally supplied the wrong album.  However, the other two hosts didn’t even realize it was the wrong album until right before recording.  Apparently, you’re hosts are as intelligent as they seem to be in the podcasts.  Stop laughing…it’s not nice.  Anyway, we fill some of that time by hitting the G+ Spot and giving a quick review of a new All That Remains song.  Kyle also shares an idea for a future episode, which was requested by a weekly listener who doesn’t even like metal!


Reviews: AcheodeAnxiety, SolaceCall & Response, Stealing AxionMoments

Acheode – Anxiety
Brian – Try | Kyle – Try | Nick – Try

Solace – Call & Response
Brian – Buy | Kyle – Buy | Nick – Buy

Stealing Axion – Moments
Brian – Try | Kyle – Buy | Nick – Try


  1. Do you (Brian) really not know what “jump the shark” means? Or were you just saying that as a convenient segue into an oh so eloquent soliloquy by Kyle on the description of the origins of the phrase jump the shark for the benefit of all the international listeners who might not be familiar with either Happy Days or American internet memes?

    For the question of “I want to start listening to metal, but where do I start?”, the answer may depend on who is asking the question. For example, my wife likes Evanescence so I’m trying to get her to listen to Nightwish. But I also know that with my wife, no matter what I do she is never going to like Cattle Decapitation. I would recommend different things to the guys in my fantasy football league than I would for my wife. For someone who reads Rolling Stone and likes King Crimson, recent Mastodon is a good choice and then taking the next step into death metal vocals would be Opeth. There are a lot of people who like metal but can’t get into death metal because of the vocals, myself included at one time. Opeth was the band that got me over that hump. But as a general, overall recommendation I would start with the classics: Metallica’s Black album (there are a ton of people who like that album but don’t listen to metal), Iron Maiden Number of the Beast, Ozzy’s Blizzard of Ozz, Black Sabbath Paranoid, Judas Priest British Steel. Those were the bands that got me into metal and were already considered classics at that time and all still hold up great today.

    Finally, I can’t let it go unnoticed how the mention of certain individuals’ names need to be changed when spoken on the podcast in order to “protect the innocent.” What are you protecting them from? You have no problem mentioning my name or Jorge’s name or I believe even some of your significant others by name. But for some reason, only people who are acquainted with Kyle need to have their names changed. Is that because you are trying to protect those persons’ identities from the general public or are you are trying to protect their identifies because they are too embarrassed to let anyone to know they are associated with Kyle?

    1. Sadly, no, I did not know what jump the shark meant. However, as soon as Kyle went into his soliloquy, I do remember him giving the same one to me before…so i must have known at one point but did not commit it to memory. Honestly, though, they only times i remember even hearing that phrase are from Kyle. I don’t know what I was never exposed to it, but, well, such is my life.

      Moving on…you hit the nail on the head about getting into metal. It definitely depends on what you already listen to, which is something we will take into consideration. It also maybe a multi-step process. For instance, if somebody is starting with Top 40, we may have to start with something like Enter Shikari, old I See Stars and other super-poppy “mall core.” But from there, we can go to metalcore and so on. And some people may never get to Cattle Decapitation…my co-hosts are barely there…but they can get much deeper.

      It also takes time and progression to get into it. I started off nu-metal, and then went to metalcore and Swedish Melodic Death, which was during college. It wasn’t until sometime after college that my tastes started evolving and i got into to real Death Metal, Black Metal, and Grindcore, and then to the opposite end of the spectrum dabbling in Power and Progressive Metals. I went through phases with all those, binge-shopping on each sub-genre. So, some people may get into the really nitty gritty stuff…it may just take time. Others will find what they like, may never like DM, and that’s find too.

      As for the Kyle Protection Program…yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head with them not wanting them to be associate with Kyle. (I also laughed out loud at that…well played.)

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