Episode 54: Death is Becoming the Automaton We Leave Behind

Nick and Brian hold down the fort for another week while Kyle is off nerding it up at NY ComicCon. Kyle will return next week, but in the meantime, the two faithful hosts bring you four more fresh reviews as well as a couple of previews. And this is about the time we makes some witty comments and make this post more amusing, but we are a bit tired after a late night filled with laser tag and The Cabin in the Woods so…sorry about that.


Reviews: ConvergeAll We Love We Leave Behind, Daylight DiesA Frail Becoming, SybreedGod Is An Automaton, The Acacia StrainDeath Is The Only Mortal

Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind

Daylight Dies – A Frail Becoming

Sybreed – God Is An Automaton

The Acacia Strain – Death Is The Only Mortal

One comment

  1. I’m generally a fan of concept albums myself, but it seems like more and more bands just call something a concept album just to get us concept album fans excited about it. The definition of a “concept” is quite broad. On the one hand, there are albums that can be considered rock operas. Those have characters and stories that the music and lyrics follow such as Operation Mindcrime, Tommy, and my all-time favorite The Wall. Then there are those albums in which the songs have some sort of loose connection that you wouldn’t even know unless the songwriter told you about it, such as Dark Side of the Moon and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. But in general I find that if artists are able to add an extra element of some type of conceptual continuity to their music then it adds another layer to experience and appreciate for the listener.

    I didn’t see Kyle at Comic Con. I did see someone dressed as Macho Man Randy Savage: was that Kyle? I would have expected Kyle to be wearing a Fables shirt just like Fletch.

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