Episode 63: Last Chance to Dance

Ok, not really.  This is just the last episode of reviews. In this episode, we reach a grand total of 171 albums and EPs reviewed this year.  That doesn’t include the singles we previewed or liv shows we went over…just albums and EPS.  It comes to little over 3 a week, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust us, it is especially when trying to actually listen to them, do other things in life and maybe  listen to other music.  Anyhooooo…the final four reviews are a three more albums we missed, plus one new EP. Nick and Brian also give a review of the Every Time I Die show from last week plus go over a few year end lists from other sites and a couple of magazines.  The next two weeks will feature our own End of the Year Honors, so make sure you gets your asses back here to join in the fun.

Reviews: Circle of ContemptEntwine the Threads; Code Orange Kids – Love is Love//Return to DustPallbearerSorrow and ExtinctionRise and Fall – Faith


Note from Brian: I meant to mention this during the episode, but managed to screw that up.  A few weeks ago while on tour (which ends tonight), Code Orange Kids had pretty much ALL of their possessions stolen, and are looking for any help anybody can give.  The message from the band was as follows:

We have been robbed of over $10,000 worth of stuff in New Orleans including all our cash, computers, bags, most personal belongings, and everything we made from this tour and much more. Not sure what we are gonna do from here but thought I’d let everyone know. We’ll post descriptions for help soon… If you feel like helping you can donate to our PayPal at codeorangekids@yahoo.com. If not, that’s cool too. We aren’t going home obviously, so see you at these next few weeks of shows.

One comment

  1. 171 albums this year, that’s quite a feat! I’m at about 1/3 of that amount. A big part of why I seek out reviews such as yours is to know what to avoid, which is why I try to only focus on the good stuff. I’ll let all you reviewers listen to the bad stuff and let me know not to waste my time. But sometimes I venture out into things and get burnt. Such as what I’ll pick as my worst album of the year: Strix Maledictae in Aeternum by Opera IX. They are a little known Italian pagan symphonic black metal band. What was I thinking when I listened to this? I can only guess that it came out near the beginning of the year when there were not a lot of new releases so I decided to give it a try. Avoid at all costs!

    As for Pallbearer, I commented back in March that you should give that one a try for a Shit You Missed. My thoughts on it pretty much echo yours but I will sum it up this way: Sorrow and Extinction is the Doom Metal album of the year. But Sorrow and Extinction still isn’t good enough to make my top 10 for the year (as you may have noticed in my comments to the last episode).

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