That’s What He Said….

‘Sup dudes?  Nick here.  With the busy Holiday Season and all I kinda forgot that we set precedent last year and posted our full lists after the final show of the year went up.  (Thanks for posting earlier today Brian.)

So, Here are my top 25 for the year:

1 GojiraL’Enfant Sauvage
2 Every Time I Die Ex Lives
3 SylosisMonolith
4 PeripheryII
5 KatatoniaDead End Kings
6 SkyharborBlinding White Noise
7 Enter ShikariFlash Flood Of Color
8 By NightSympathy For Tomorrow
9 Stolen BabiesNaught
10 Exotic Animal Petting ZooTree Of Tongues

11 Ne ObliviscarisPortal Of I
12 Spawn Of PossessionIncurso
13 The FacelessAutotheism
14 TorcheHarmonicraft
15 Vision of DisorderThe Cursed Remain Cursed
16 NachtmystiumSilencing Machine
17 MeshuggahKoloss
18 MenceaPyrophoric
19 DawnbringerDawnbringer
20 The ChariotOne Wing
21 NarrowsPainted
22 BaronessYellow & Green
23 Safety FireGrind The Ocean
24 GorodA Perfect Absolution
25 Grand MagusThe Hunt 


One comment

  1. Looking over your list, I realized that I didn’t even listen to the majority of the stuff on it. One that I missed at the time but am listening to now is Gorod. I got it based on it making your list and the fact that it is only $5 from Amazon. I am enjoying A Perfect Absolution but I sort of wish that had more guitar solos, even if the ones that are there are pretty decent. If I were to rank it for 2012 I’d put it about where you put it, as it certainly wouldn’t crack my top 20 but I really didn’t rank anything beyond that.

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