Episode 67: Coming Soon to Speakers Near You

This week we finally start looking into 2013…but not without one more look at 2012.  As we did last year and as many of the blogs (and maybe even you) are doing now, we share some of our most anticipated albums of this year.  This not a comprehensive list of everything coming out, but just the few we are most interested in hearing, whether it be because we expect the album to be mind blowing or we are really reserved about it because their last one wasn’t so great.  Whilst doing this, each of your each of us picked a few albums from last year to revisit in Let Me Try That One Again, which yielded some surprising results.

Oh, but we’re not done yet! We also have our first Side Showcase of 2013.  Self-described Industrial Groove Metal band Thira submitted their latest EP, The Ascension Construct, so we featured the band, talked about their music, and give you a taste of it!  Stay tuned after the ‘cast is over to hear their song “Left to Kneel.”  And once you’ve heard it, click their EP on the sidebar to go download it FOR FREE. (Thira is also demoing some new material, which you can check out HERE.)


If you want us to feature your band (or your friend’s band…or that local opener that didn’t suck at the show you just went to) on The Sideshow Podcast just like we did for Thira (and did in the past for Goathanger and Skelectory), send us some music, band info, links, whatever you got to Brian@thesideshowpodcast.com.  If you want us to use your tunes for production bits, like a music beds during special segments and things like that, send your stuff over to Nick@thesideshowpodcast.com.


  1. What albums am I looking forward to in 2013? Not that much actually. Ghost would probably be the top one for me, and I don’t think you guys even mentioned them. But if 2013 is anything like 2012, there will be lots of stuff that I never would have thought I’d like but ends up being some of my top albums of the year. I know enough about myself to recognize that “most anticipated” often translates into most disappointing.

    Nick, you were a skip on Dyscarnate? I thought you liked that one originally (though I have not gone back to listen to the episode). It’s also possible that I was still trying to figure out who was who back then when I was still figuring out which guy doesn’t like death metal and who’s the comic book fan and which guy never gives an album a “skip”.

    I’ll agree that Formshifter by Allegaeon is certainly a guitar player’s album, which is a huge part of why I like it. For me, the song “Iconic Images” is very memorable (which is track 5. If you bought the album from Amazon they switched the song names of tracks 4 and 5). The way those fast little guitar notes fall down like rain from the sky just struck a chord with me that made it stand out. Watching the two 8-string guitarists play this song on their YouTube video just amazes me the skill these guys have (http://youtu.be/f1mg_xrLkSE). The song “From the Stars Death Came” has one of the more memorable pauses that I’ve heard in a while. Even though it is probably less than a second long, that pause before the chorus kicks in is highly effective and it gets me fired up every time I hear it. I sometimes feel that heavy metal songwriters need to learn what the term “negative space” means, but it’s something that Allegaeon have already learned. And then how could you forget the 3 minutes of flamenco guitar at the end of “Twelve”? Smack in the middle of all this technical death metal guitar playing they throw in that curve ball just to show off. Well, color me impressed.

    The “Autotheist Movement”, those first 3 songs or “suite” on Autotheism by The Faceless, are what makes that album for me. The contrast of the harsh vocals with the clean Alice In Chains style vocals work well and if you add to that an awesome guitar solo at the end of the second movement it makes for the highlight of the album and one of the top albums of 2012.

    I love Kyle’s impersonation of a yob in his review of Enter Shakiri. I’ve honestly never listened to that band and now I’m glad that I’ve been forewarned by Kyle not to listen to them unless I want my knickers stolen.

    1. I, apparently, gave Dyscarnate a “Try” the first time around. I just looked up the past album ratings but I haven’t gone back to the episode to see what it was that put me off from them a bit originally. That was a while ago and I haven’t gone that far back yet to update the older posts on the site….because it’s realllllly tedious work.

      I am finding more and more to like about Allegaeon every time I revisit it. I’m really glad I heeded you advice!

      I TOTALLY agree about the Faceless album. If the “Autotheist Movement” wasn’t at the beginning I probably never would have stuck around long enough to enjoy it. Turns out, the album is solid all the way through, but those first 3 are still the highlight for me.

      As always – ignore Kyle. Enter Shikari is awesome. 😛


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