Episode 70: She May Not Look Like Much, but She’s Got it Where it Counts, Kid.

If we had some way to record behind the scenes clips, we’d have one hell of a foul-mouthed clip for you this week.  As we briefly discuss at the top o this episode, we had a lot of technical difficulties this week trying to get the show done.  Why? Well, we still haven’t quite figured that out…we just found a way around our usual methods.  Once we got the ball rolling though, we made a pretty strong show for you.  We have two new Hardcore(ish) albums, two new eps, and one new album whose presence on this show is questionable. Funny enough, the album that may-or-may-not belong here is the one rating we all agreed on.  Weird, right?  Anyway…Kyle also nears having a meltdown over the new Killswitch Engage single; Brian and Nick share their opinions as well.  To top off the show, we reveal the winner of our Holy Grail contests and give some exclusive news at the end of the show.


Reviews: California X – California X; Fall City Fall – VictusHatebreed – The Divinity of PurposeNewsted – Metal; Rotten Sound – Species at War 

Preview: Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time”

Rotten Sound – Species At War

Fall City Fall – Victus

Hatebreed – The Divinity Of Purpose

California X – California X

Newsted – Metal


  1. Since we started doing numbers, I am not sure I have given a 1. However, I think I ultimately justified my 2. I was just getting annoyed my co-hosts were praising it.

    Also, just to add to further acknowledge a point Nick was trying to make with me…while Hatebreed might not have broken any new ground since, say, Perseverence, they have their now “signature” sound, know what they do, and do it very well…at least their fans say so…including this newest release. Newsted, on the other hand, put out a solo debut that should prove justification for having his own band, showing something good and special enough to be on its own, and I think he just fell flat, proving their was a reason he was not the main songwriter in his other bands. His Chuck Billy rip-off vocals also bothered me for some reason…it wasn’t like a Dave Mustaine level of “turn this shit off” but I didn’t particularly care for it.

  2. Woo hoo! I won something! Even if I got the sympathy vote (at least according to Kyle), I’ll take it! Now let’s see if I can win the Super Bowl squares pool today and make it 2 for 2. I seriously got randomly assigned the numbers 4 and 9. I got the 9 for the Niners and the line on this game is the Ravens plus 4.

    If you’ve heard J Mascus’s voice from Dinosaur Jr only once, you’d be able to pick out a Dinosaur Jr song from a lineup. Go listen to “Start Choppin'” at http://youtu.be/Phf4xvI9fpE. He’s one of those polarizing singers like Bob Dylan who you either hate or you tolerate due to their other musical talents.

    I hadn’t listened to that new Killswitch song before hearing your reviews of it, but after hearing your takes on it I had to go listen to it. It didn’t strike me really either way. Lots of vocal overdubs, polish, and harmonies. I’ve never been the biggest Killswitch fan (I never disliked them either) and I find it hard to make “first impressions” based on one song, but there is nothing in the new song that would prevent me from at least trying the rest of their album.

    Regarding Brian giving the Jason Newstead EP a 2 after ripping in to it, has he given anything a 1? Ever?

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