Episode 71: Going Up and Coming Down

This week’s show is filled of the brim with album reviews, previews, interesting discussions, Brian not having his act together, and Kyle getting nerdy on your asses.  You’ll laugh!  You’ll cry!  You’ll scream!  You’ll…ok, you probably won’t do any of those things aside from a few chuckles.  The first sentence is true though.  Four album reviews*, three previews via new singles, (at least) two topical discussions, and one hell of a good time!

*technically five


Reviews: Baptists – Bushcraft; Coheed and Cambrian – The Afterman: Ascension and DescensionHate – SolarfleshSons of Aeon – Sons of Aeon 

Preview: Beyond the Shore – “Half Lived”; Intronaut – “Milk Leg”; Kvelertak – “Braune Brenn”

Baptists – Bushcraft

Coheed And Cambria – The Afterman – Ascension & Descension

Hate – Solarflesh

Sons Of Aeon – Sons of Aeon


  1. A band needs to hook their listener within the first 15 seconds, Kyle? You love all this prog stuff like BTBAM that builds up over time. Kyle is the Tony Kornheiser of metal. Tony Kornheiser is a sports commentator on ESPN, yet he doesn’t actually watch any sports. He just watches SportsCenter in the morning, then goes on his radio show and PTI and talks about those highlights that he saw on SportsCenter. Kyle has on more than one occasion (including this week), admitted to not listening to an entire album but yet still feels he is informed enough to judge these albums even if he only listens to the first 15 seconds of each track.

    Coheed and Cambria is a band that I don’t get either. But they are a band that I feel if I took the time to dedicate to listening to the music more than just having a passing acquaintance with and if I read the story/comic books, then I think that I would probably like it.

    As for why Coheed gets covered by many of the metal blogs, I’ll expand upon a thought that you hinted at. It has to do not just with where Coheed falls in the spectrum and coverage of music, but where progressive rock falls on that spectrum. What does prog rock fall under these days? Prog rock is a little too small of a genre to have the coverage that metal has (even if there is a Prog magazine), and there aren’t a lot of prog blogs. What coverage there is that is dedicated to just prog also includes a lot of classic prog from the 1970s. So where does that leave the slack to get picked up? Prog is too un-hip for the hipsters on the alternative music blogs, yet prog is too complex for the pop music followers. There are a lot of metal fans such as myself that are drawn to metal as a form of music that expands the boundaries and emotions of what music can be, and prog rock can often fall right into that even if it doesn’t have heavily distorted guitars and screaming vocals.

    As for some of my favorite bands that I listen to outside of metal, you guys mentioned one of them for what I think might be the first time on this podcast during your discussion of Coheed. That band is My Chemical Romance. The Black Parade was the album of the decade for me from the 2000s. I love the mix of Pink Floyd, Queen, and Smashing Pumpkins (3 more of my favorite bands) that MCR brought to The Black Parade. Plus there is also the comic book connection with MCR, as Gerard Way interned at DC Comics for a short bit and has written comic books (even if I don’t think Umbrella Academy is very good) and Grant Morrison appears in 2 videos from Danger Days.

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