Episode 74: Now with 400% More Aural-Hemorrhage-Inducing Music

While the slogan of this wonderful podcast is “The best (and worst) in music to make your ears bleed,” and we weekly review music that can cause blood to discharge from said orifice, we rarely get to play the offending music on the show because of legal ambiguity and your show hosts trying not to gain the wrong kind of attention.  This week, however, that all changes.  That’s right…this week we actually have music!  Your three (yes, three this week) hosts still share their totally biased opinions, but now you can actually experience samples of what the hell we are talking about. (If for some reason you don’t want to hear the songs, just skip them…we won’t judge you…much.)  We are very excited to be able to do this, and hopefully will be able to continue this going forward. We’re not going to make any promises, but we will try to make it happen.

Do you like having the music in the episode?  Let us know in the comments!


Reviews: Byzantine – Byzantine; Paradox – Tales of the WeirdPronostic – Deviated Inner SpectrumWithin the Ruins – Elite 

Byzantine – Byzantine

Within The Ruins – Elite

Pronostic – Deviated Inner Spectrum

Paradox – Tales Of The Weird


  1. While it is Kyle that required us to start making lists to begin with, he seems to either a.) have an easy time keeping it to only 10, b.) doesn’t care enough to flesh out a more comprehensive list and publish it for you. …..I’m guessing B.

    Glad you liked the music being included! Hopefully this is something we can keep getting permission to do. It’s kind of what we had hoped/intended to do right along but we the laws on “fair use” as applicable to podcasts are so vague that we’ve been opting to play it safe so far.


  2. Now with 400% more music and 100% more Kyle! “I find most laws to be ambiguous which is why I don’t follow any of them.” It’s quips like that that remind us why we’ve missed Kyle these past couple of weeks.

    I realize that from an objective perspective, having the music on the podcast is a great thing. But from the perspective of my wallet, I’m not so sure it is good thing. After hearing these songs, I want them all. Or at least three out of four this week.

    As for Pronostic being eligible for a 2013 year end list, I say it’s eligible. If it’s not eligible, then you have to go back and redo your 2012 lists. But wait, Kyle never did one for 2012 (or was it just not posted on the website)?

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