Episode 77: By Your Powers Combined…

Kyle returns to his post this week to guide you through another show full of debauchery and butchering the English language while trying to spit out at least semi-comprehenable reviews of the new albums.  Lucky for you, half of the reviews are complimented by music so you can figure out what we are talking about.  Also, Kyle share his experience seeing Coheed & Cambria, Between the Buried and Me, and what is apparently his new favorite band and something we are reviewing next week, Russian Circles.


Reviews: Inter Arma – Sky Burial (Relapse); Intronaut – Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones) (Century Media); KEN Mode – Entrench (Season of Mist); Nero Di Marte – Nero Di Marte (Prosthetic)

For those of you who may be new to the show…first off, welcome!  Second, you may or may not have realized that our intro and outro music is by BY NIGHT. If you like those snippets, you should check out the band.


Nero Di Marte – Nero Di Marte

KEN Mode – Entrench

Intronaut – Habitual Levitations

Inter Arma – Sky Burial


  1. -Brian is looking for some metal bands to “chill out” to? For those times when I want the same, I most recently find myself turning to Alcest. Other choices are newer Opeth and Anathema, and some doom metal. Also Deftones songs vary between aggressive and calm, so I’m sure you could make a Deftones playlist of just the calmer songs.

    -The great thing about a venue such as Radio City Music Hall which has nothing but assigned seating is that you can take your girlfriend to the show without worrying about her getting caught in a mosh.

    -Why would you implore us not to skip over the music on the podcast, Nick?

    -Regarding March Is Metal month on Amazon, there is tons of good stuff on sale, despite the lack of outstanding albums on the first page listed. I bought Gorod, Necrophagist, Voivod, and Torche. They also have all the Russian Circles albums on sale. Other stuff I’d get if I had unlimited time and money includes Sylosis, Orange Goblin, Ihsahn, Decapitated, and Isis just to name a few. That doesn’t count all the ones on sale that I already own such as old Opeth, Between The Buried And Me, Anthrax, Nile, Killswitch, Black Sabbath, and Dio.

    -You wouldn’t review GnR’s Appetite for Destruction on your show? You just reviewed Audrey Horne (an album I’m really liking, BTW) and I could make the case that Appetite is more “metal” than Audrey Horne. Does this also preclude you from reviewing the new Clutch album (which I have not listened to yet)?

    1. Some Doom definitely works, especially the more melodic stuff like old Swallow the Sun (did that the other night actually…). I have found Junius works really well too, as well as new Deftones, like you mentioned. I haven’t gone back to Alcest since we reviewed it, but I should try that too. What I like about Intronaut, though, is that it’s not dark. I’ll just have to start digging through my library…I am sure I have more stuff in there.

      Also, nice Anthrax reference…

      You should get Decapitated and at least the newest Orange Goblin anyway. Decaptitated is awesome; I just recently picked up “Winds of Creation” and “Organic Hallucination” on vinyl.

      Maybe Kyle wouldn’t review “Appetite for Destruction” on the show, but I would, not even taking into consideration your sound argument with Audrey Horne. Kyle just says stuff sometimes… Anyway, as for Clutch, I am actually very surprised that Kyle hasn’t pushed us to review that yet since he is definitely a fan. (I don’t have anything against them, but I just never got into them.) Don’t be surprised if Earth Rocker shows up in the next couple of weeks.

      – B

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