Episode 80: Brought to You by Coffee: The Only Way to Do Morning Recordings

After last week’s longest episode ever, Brian and Nick got this one down to a much more manageable length.  Maybe it is because Waldo Kyle is absent again, maybe it’s because there is one less review.  The world may never know.  Anyway, this week, we again have very stylistically diverse albums ranging from slick Symphonic Metal to blisteringly fast Death Metal.  There is also plenty of new music for you to listen to in this show, so you should probably stop reading this and get right to it. Seriously.  Stop.  I don’t really have anything else to add anyway, so go listen.


Reviews: Enabler Shift of Redemption (Think Fast); EyeconoclastDrones of the Awakening (Prosthetic); Fallujah  Nomadic (Unique Leader); SerenityWar of Ages (Napalm); Vanna The Few and the Far Between (Razor & Tie)

Vanna – The Few and the Far Between 

Enabler – Shift Of Redemption

Serenity – War Of Ages

Fallujah – Nomadic

Eyeconoclast – Drones of the Awakening 


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  2. Regarding why progressive death metal bands always lean more towards the progressive side of things as their careers continue is because death metal as a genre is more limiting and progressive is less so. If you don’t lean more towards prog, you risk becoming Cannibal Corpse. I give credit to bands who want to expend the boundaries of what death metal can be. The general term we give to those bands is progressive death metal.

    Expanding on something Brian said, I think that when you are a musician some of the ability of other musicians amazes you even more. Being someone who tries to play the guitar, you know just how hard certain things are to play. And then when you hear and see people actually pull that off, it gives you another level of appreciation of it.

    You fooled me when you teased reviewing an album that has yet to be released. Last week you said you would review Ghost this week. Oh well, I’ll just have to tune in next week.

    1. I don’t have a problem with Progressive Death Metal, and I agree bands need to find ways to sound fresh. However, it can be done being a Death Metal band. Cannibal Corpse and Cattle Decapitation put out the albums of their careers last year. Krisiun put out a killer album the year before that. Black Dahlia Murder’s “Ritual” was a beast. And there is Amon Amarth…

      However, being more Progressive, whether it be in Death Metal, Deathcore, Stoner Metal, whatever, has it’s own share of issues, which is mostly going too far in that direction. I do not think Fallujah did that, as I stated in my review. While I was seemingly alone on it, I thought Mastodon did that on Crack the Skye. From has been said about it, I think August Burns Red is about do it on their next album. After the Burial, on the other hand, put some Progressive elements into their last album without sacrificing any of their Metalcore sound.

      It’s all about finding balance. I personally think The Contortionist went too far. Fallujah seemed to find it here, and hopefully the full length will stick with that.

      Your music appreciation totally makes sense. To play devil’s advocate with myself, i guess it is also easy for some non-musicians to take some of the skill for granted, which is why it seems more and more technical ability is “demanded” form bands. It can be easy to say something like “oh, Spawn of Possession has been doing that for years, so why can [tech band] do it?”

      And about the teasing…that was an honest mistake. On our release list, the Ghost album was set for release last week. But, a little before it’s release, it got pushed back do to art issues. I had kinda forgot about that. Oops. We did however review Eyeconoclast before it came out, so we still review and album early…just not the one we said we were gonna do.

      – B

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