1. On your website under the releases list for April you listed Abbey Load by Beatallica. Have you checked them out? I love their interpretations of Beatles songs as if they were performed by Metallica. Are they a novelty act? Sure. But I have a couple of their albums and I find that I haven’t gotten tired of their “shtick” yet.

    I think you’ve brought up the subject of the time of year affecting your enjoyment of an album and I completely agree with Nick and Kyle about that kind of thing. It needs to be a cold, rainy spring day for me to be able to appreciate Katatonia at this time of year. When the sun is out and the temperature finally hits above 60 degrees, I’m ready to listen to Killswitch Engage, Kvelertak, and Clutch.

    Kyle, don’t worry, I already called out Brian and Nick for not liking the new Kvelertak album.

    1. First of all…Nick and I liked the new Kvelertak, we just didn’t love it. It’s getting better with repeat listens and further separation from the, but the debut is still superior in just about every way.

      I too agree with the seasons affecting music listening. I tend to shy away from Black Metal and Doom in the spring and summer, thought rainy or gray days are still good for Katatonia and the like even if it is 85 out.

      I can’t speak for Kyle and Nick, but I have not checked out Beatallica. I know what their “shtick” is but never bothered giving it a try. I guess I’ll have to look into it a bit.

      Speaking of things we haven’t gotten to…spoiler alert…we’re plan on checking out the new Clutch album for Episode 84 since, ya know, you requested that a few times now. lol

      – B

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