1. Yeah, a few releases aside…Dillinger Escape Plan, Dark Tranquillity, HSB…this is a slower month for things I even remotely care about. I am trying to enjoy it the same way. At the same time, we do have to find things to put on the show, so I/we don’t get quite the break you do. – B

  2. The releases this week don’t seem very inspiring to me. I think I’ll go and listen to The Ocean again. And since you guys talked about Amon Amarth the past two weeks I also want to listen to some of their stuff again.

      1. Yeah, you went through a stretch of several weeks where I had listened to an album before hearing your review of it, so that gave me plenty of things to comment on. But this past week, I had nothing of the sort as it seemed to be a light week for releases. Which I’m not complaining about because that’s never a bad thing because I have TONS of older stuff I want to listen to. That plus some of the longer, proggier (if that’s a word) stuff takes time to sink in (such as The Ocean).

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