1. Brian, after that rant about how you didn’t like the LetLive album, you still gave it a 3?

    Regarding the Loudwire picks for top metal albums of the year so far, I don’t think they’re list is too surprising with the exception of Ghost. Any of those albums could be on anyone’s list, but in general how often are any two people’s lists the same? Look at your lists from last year: each of your top picks wasn’t even on any of the other lists. And it seems like 2013 is shaping up to be similar.

    As for some of my top albums so far this year include a couple overlapping albums with you guys (Scale the Summit, Nails, Byzantine, The Ocean). While some of my other favorites are on the less extreme spectrum of things, such as Kvelertak, Queens of the Stone Age, Holy Grail, and Audrey Horne.

    For the first impressions, the truth is that when you give your impressions of stuff that doesn’t come out for 3 months, I’m sure I’m going to forget about it between now and then. As I write this I’ve seriously already forgotten what album you mentioned is coming out in October.

    1. Yeah, I knew you were gonna call me out on that. ha ha. You know those albums where Kyle says something to the extent of, “Personally, this a 2, but I recognize it’s not my thing, so more objectively, it’s a 3.”? This album was like that. I probably should have given it a 2 as it was a frustrating listen for me, but part of that was, like I said, it was scattered, but the other part is it wasn’t what I thought it was/wanted it to be. Recognizing that, I gave it a 3. Is it a cop out? Maybe. Either way, it happened and I am sticking to it.

      You’re right about the lists. I guess in this case, there were albums like Ghost and Kylesa that the two of us just flat-out didn’t like and thought shouldn’t be on anybody’s list. Also, I think the real point of these kinda of lists is to stir people up and get them bitching, moaning, and fighting…and look! It worked.

      With the First Impressions…are you suggesting we don’t preview songs with albums that far out?

      1. It doesn’t regard your first impressions specifically, but in general when I hear reviews of stuff that doesn’t come out for months in the future, I tend to forget about it by the time the actual music comes out. If I read Decibel as soon as the magazine comes out, it often is the case that some of the CDs they review don’t come out for 2 months. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so I tend to forget everything that Decibel says by the time the albums come out.

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