Episode 94: Cool Down to Some Smooth Jams

Over this past week, the most of the US was melting like a snowball in Hell. Most of us didn’t find it very pleasant, especially sweating our balls off just going to and from work.  So, today, to celebrate returning to normal summer temperatures (at least here in the Northeast), we bring you another jam packed episode with a whole bunch of new tunes for your aural enjoyment.  Ok, fine…this episode would have happened even if this pass week was nothing special, but whatever. Enjoy it anyway.


Reviews: Battlecross – War of Will (Metal Blade); Mercenary  – Through Our Darkest Days (Prosthetic); Misery Signals – Absent Light (Independent); Sofy Major -Idolize (Solar Flare)

(Side)Showcase: Mahogany Head Grenade

First Impressions:
Carcass – “Captive Bolt Pistol” from Surgical Steel out September 17 via Nuclear Blast
Avenged Sevenfold – “Hail to the King” from Hail to the King out August 27 via Warner Bros.
Hibria – “Silent Revenge” from Silent Revenge out August 20 via AFM
Turisas – “Into the Free” from Turisas2013 out September 23 via Century Media
The More I See – “The Eye that Offends” from The Disappearing Humans out October 1 via Century Media/Earache Records
Asking Alexandria – “Killing You” from From Death to Destiny out August 6 via Sumerian

Mercenary – Through Our Darkest Days

Battlecross – War Of Will

Misery Signals – Absent Light

Sofy Major – Idolize


Mahogany Head Grenade – Return To The Point Of Departure


  1. -I don’t listen to Avenged Sevenfold either, but I was applauding along with Nick just because Brian gave something a 2.

    -If Power Metal isn’t over the top then is it worth listening to? The best power metal is supposed to be over the top.

    -The headline on MetalSucks regarding The More I See reads: “Mediocre Band Films Video on Tatooine.” They should rename it mediocre band films AWESOME video on Tatooine! I would join any shitty band I could if I was going to get to go to Tatooine. That video even had water vaporators and twin suns, in addition to what looks like Ben Kenobi’s hut.

    -Yes, I skipped the song from Asking Alexandria. You weren’t initially going to review the new album from the originators of heavy metal (Black Sabbath) but you “might” review Asking Alexandria? You gotta get your priorities straight.

    1. – We have a friend/listener who is an Asking Alexandria fan that has already asked about doing a review. If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be thinking about it.

      – Power Metal: you’re right….and thus it is ALL bad

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