Episode 97: Tongue Tied

Creeping ever closer to our hundredth episode, we bring you another week of new releases, head-bangin’ tunes, and no Rock(jock). Amongst the business-as-usual, we have a live review of the Summer Slaughter tour stop in NYC and another entry into our ever-growing (Side)Showcase with Progressive Metal Bostonians Lattermath.  Also, for those of you who think Brian doesn’t go low enough with his ratings as often as he should, make sure you listen here to find out which of these albums gets added to that short list.


Reviews: Arsonists Get All The Girls – Listen to the ColorDeadlock  – The Arsonists (Napalm); Exhumed – Necrocracy (Relapse); Revocation – Revocation (Relapse)

(Side)Showcase: Lattermath

Revocation – Revocation

Exhumed – Necrocracy

Deadlock – The Arsonist

Arsonists Get All The Girls – Listen To The Color 



  1. This was a pretty good week, with Revocation, Exhumed, and I am actually enjoying the Deadlock album, even if it isn’t groundbreaking and is fairly straightforward as you guys point out. But you have to like any band that takes their name from a SQL error: “Your transaction has been deadlocked with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim.”

  2. Summer Slaughter! Usually one of if not the best tour of the year. If there are 10 bands but only 6 or 7 of them are any good, then that’s still an awesome day. Add to the fact that they put on the bad bands when I’m still at work and it doesn’t make a difference to me that those bad bands are on the bill. I didn’t get there until Revocation came on. I pretty much agree with everything you said about the show. The Ocean was awesome. Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation was inhuman. His vocals are just like on the album which was a little surprising (in a good way) to me. You are also spot on about Periphery, as every time I see them they get better. Animals As Leaders was the only disappointing part because of what you said: I wanted to see close up how Tosin Abasi plays the guitar and I couldn’t see that because there was no light on them. But they still sounded well. And I don’t quite know what was going on either at the end of the Dillinger set, other than chaos. Did Dillinger bring that unicorn mask? Did they take it from someone in the audience? When Greg jumped in to the crowd I never quite saw how he got back to the stage. It was pure chaos in a good way. One other comment about Dillinger’s music is that on their albums, I tend to like their songs that have slower, clean vocal parts, such as the song One Of Us Is The Killer. But live, those songs were probably the low point of their set, with One Of Us Is The Killer sounding like one long bass drone. But that’s a minor quibble, as overall the entire show was one of the best of the year.

    I love Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas. Riverbottom Nightmare Band! Between Cookie Monster and the Riverbottom Nightmare Band, I think Jim Henson can be credited as being a pioneering influence on Death Metal vocalists.

    I totally know what you mean about cruising in the car with your significant other and playing music that isn’t going to force them to jump out of the car. That’s one big reason I’ve been listening to Scorpion Child a lot lately, as a recent vacation to Yellowstone National Park saw a TON of driving (the park is bigger than the state of Delaware), and All Pigs Must Die just wasn’t going to fit the bill with my wife. But Scorpion Child went a long way towards preserving my marriage.

    Is the name of the guitarist/singer for Exhumed really Matt Harvey? I’m sure the reference is lost upon those of you who are not sports fans.

    The podcast says it is called “Vining Hill” this week. What the hell does that mean?

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