Episode 101: No, This is Not a Class on Episodes

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the States, so most of you domestic listeners are either hungover from last night’s BBQ or going to get drunk at a BBQ today and/or tomorrow.  As such, I am not gonna spend a ton of time on this little write up.  Not that I don’t care about you international listeners (quite the opposite really), but maybe I have aBBQ to get ready for too!  Maybe…maybe not…  Anyway, here’s the important stuff: no Kyle (which will save some of your livers); four album reviews; two new tunes.


Reviews: Autopsy – The Headless Ritual (Peaceville); The Ongoing Concept – Saloon (Solid State); Witherscape – The Inheritance (Century Media); Vista Chino – Peace (Napalm)

Witherscape – The Inheritance

The Ongoing Concept – Saloon

Autopsy – The Headless Ritual

Vista Chino – Peace


  1. To me it doesn’t seem like September is that weak for releases. I guess you guys are looking for 3 or 4 good releases each week, but for me if there are one or two good releases a week that’s about the limit of what I can listen to. So if you count Nine Inch Nails, Gorguts, Safety Fire, Katatonia, Cult Of Luna, Ulcerate, and Carcass (how could you not mention that one!), that’s a decent amount of stuff for the month. And then don’t forget about the Metallica Through The Never Soundtrack that is released the week of the movie. I’m looking forward to the movie, even though I doubt I’ll buy the soundtrack.

    1. We’ll be reviewing most of those (not sure about Cult of Luna) and a few others. And you’re rIght, it’s not a bad month when you look at it like that. If it weren’t for the show, I’d be pretty happy with that. However, if we only do two albums an episode, there won’t much of a show.

      Besides, we could stumble into a few gems we didn’t even know about!

  2. Some review suggestions:

    Lunarsea – Hundred Light Years (Melodic Death)

    Ulcerate – Vermis (Death) “released mid September”

    1. We will definitely be doing Ulcerate…I have had the vinyl on preorder for a while now. I look into Lunarsea…I don’t think I have heard of them, but I love me some Melodic Death. Thanks dude!

  3. So let me get this straight: you listen to and review the shitty Vista Chino/Kyuss album, but you didn’t listen to the new Queens of the Stone Age album? Like Clockwork is actually good!

    And not even a hint or a teaser about what is now the lost episode number 100?

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