Well, Here’s a First!

Some of you may remember back to Episode 79, some of you may need a refresher, but we reviewed a great French band called Eryn Non Dae – giving them a solid 4 rating.  Well, in case you haven’t gone out and picked up their latest album Meliora yet (and you should), check out the band’s newly filmed video for the song “Hidden Lotus” below, which the band was cool enough to send our way.  Here is what the band had to say about the video and the track:

Hidden Lotus is the visual representation of the concept approached throughout Meliora: metamorphosis. Based on the lyrics of the song, the video develops the idea of evolution through the growth pattern of the lotus, signifying the progress of the soul. The lotus draws its substance from the mud to flourish above the water.

Enjoy it, freaks!

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