Episode 104: Slippery When Wet

Sometimes our lives around this podcast are long and tiring, and the mental exhaustion can be visible…well, audible in this case.  While speaking intelligently is never this show’s strong suit, it gets a little uglier (though funnier) when both your hosts (yeah, somebody is MIA again) are running on low fuel.


Reviews: Anacondas – Sub Contra Blues (Prosthetic); Death Ray Vision – We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’ (Bullet Tooth); Hibria – Silent Revenge (AFM); Ulcerate – Vermis (Relapse)

Ulcerate – Vermis

Anacondas – Sub Contra Blues

Hibria – Silent Revenge

Death Ray Vision – We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’


  1. Hey now Bob. That’s quite fair…. (mostly, but not entirely). There is a difference between “not bass heavy” and “sounds like I’m listening through shredded speakers with everything thin and clipping.” That album is more just bad production than it is lack of bass.

    I don’t need the bass to be the featured instrument in every band, I just like bands that have a bass player to have it actually be audible on the record. Otherwise, they might as well be Dark Tranquillity…..

      1. To be fair, jackass, you said “I just like bands that have a bass player to have it actually be audible on the record.” Dark Tranquillity’s bass is quite audible on their records. And play live w/o a bass player, while not a good idea, has nothing to do with their recorded efforts…which is why I was a little confused by your statement. – B

  2. Vermis by Ulcerate is not bass heavy? No wonder why Nick didn’t like it.

    So I wonder if Brian’s perfect attendance streak is in jeopardy this week. It seems like he’s going to 9 concerts in the next week. He might have to record the podcast from Gramercy Theater.

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