Episode 109: Not Produced by David Draiman

Refreshed and reenergized, Nick and Brian return for another week Metal goodness. This time around, there are five new releases to analyze; some came out last week, some drop this week, but they all range from solid to fantastic…in our humble opinions, that is.  We also have yet a mother live review from Brian’s recent throwdown in NYC.  There’s a whole lot to get to, so you should probably stop reading this and start listening to the show.  Seriously…stop reading.  We’re done here.


Reviews: Cleanteeth – Pushing Rope (Dullest); Death Angel – The Dream Calls for Blood (Nuclear Blast); Protest the Hero – Volition (Razor & Tie); Thira – Vein I: Varying States of Decay (independent); Trivium – Vengeance Falls (Roadrunner)

Live Reviews: Lamb of GodKillswitch EngageTestamentHuntress @ Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY on  October 25, 2013

Protest the Hero – Volition

Trivium – Vengeance Falls

Death Angel – The Dream Calls for Blood

Cleanteeth – Pushing Rope

Thira – Vein I: Varying States of Decay

One comment

  1. If that was the last show I ever see at Roseland Ballroom (because it is closing), then that was one hell of a sendoff. At some point during the middle of Lamb of God’s set, the whole experience became a blur. I can’t even comment about Randy’s vocals or stage banter or even what songs they played (they played 11th Hour?) because I don’t remember. I didn’t have THAT much to drink, but combine that with getting knocked down to the ground a couple of times, combined with the overall insanity of the crowd overwhelmed me to the point where I just let go and don’t quite know what happened. I felt as though I was bounced around to every square inch of the floor at Roseland during Lamb of God. I think I vaguely remember seeing Brian twice during their set, but that was it. I left the show with my elbow bleeding and woke up the next day with plenty of bruises and feeling sore all over. All that added up to a great show.

    Certain parts of Vengeance Falls by Trivium sound like a heavier version of Daughtry. Specifically the chorus of “No Way To Heal.” One thing that I felt didn’t work about In Waves is that I thought the album tried to bridge the gap between the old “Metalli-core” (or Metallica-core) style of Trivium with radio rock. Vengeance Falls aims straight for radio rock. But just because it sounds like Daughtry inspired radio rock doesn’t mean I don’t like it. In fact, I like Daughtry (the first album, at least). Vengeance Falls is a better album than In Waves because it makes no bones about its desire to get played on Sirius XM radio. Vengeance Falls is most likely not going to be a classic album and it will not be on my or many others’ year end lists, nor will it win over the Trivium haters (who I never understood why they hated Trivium so much in the first place), but Vengeance Falls is a decent listen that continues Trivium’s progression and evolution as a band.

    You guys like Silverchair? When Swedish melodic death was just coming in to its own in the mid-90s when bands like At The Gates and In Flames broke through, I was listening to stuff like Silverchair. Silverchair never really topped the Black Sabbath meets grunge of Frogstomp. And they were only like 16 years old when they made that album!

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