Episode 110: Extra Limited Deluxe Fan Edition with Top Secret Hidden Bonus Track

Coming off their sugar highs from excessive trick-or-treating and subsequent binge eating of candy, your host have a collection of treats for you this week in the shape of four new albums reviews and five new songs for your listening pleasure.  Yeah, that’s right, this episode has a super-secret hidden bonus track!  Ok…it’s just at the end of the show; we didn’t go for the ‘trick’.  You’re welcome.


Reviews: Dead Letter Circus – The Catalyst Fire (The End); East of the Wall – Redaction Artifacts (Translation Loss); Inquisition – Obscure Verses For The Multiverse (Season Of Mist); Kataklysm – Waiting for the End to Come (Nuclear Blast)

Kataklysm – Waiting For The End To Come

Dead Letter Circus – The Catalyst Fire

East Of The Wall – Redaction Artifacts

Inquisition – Obscure Verses For The Multiverse

One comment

  1. I could have sworn you guys reviewed East of the Wall before as well. I seem to remember it being in the same episode with Atlas Moth.

    I gave a listen to the Inquisition album before hearing your review (MetalSucks is streaming it) and I agree with Nick about the guitar riffs: they are strikingly good. They are so good that I am able to ignore the vocals. Aren’t the vocals on this album pretty much typical of black metal vocals anyway? Your statement that there are a couple of parts where the vocals are decent and that he can sing like that but just chooses not to goes to show that that style of vocals is intentional and to me a part of black metal. Are there many (any?) good vocalists in black metal? And if there are, you are probably making the case that they are a good “black metal vocalist” and not a good “vocalist” (without the black metal).

    I as well don’t like U2. What puts me off about them is not necessarily “The Edge” but rather Bono’s preachy politics. Bono seems to enjoy hobnobbing with Bill Clinton more than making good music.

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