Episode 111: No Early Christmas Celebrating Here

Live from the Internet, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!  OK, well, it was when this show was recorded…and this was written.  And while this is far from comedic, this show is probably funnier than Saturday Night Live.  It’s definitely more entertaining.  And our music is better.  So, if you want, wait until next Saturday night to listen instead of watching that crap.  Or don’t. Whatever you wanna do is fine with us.


Reviews: Erra – Augment (Tragic Hero); Necrophobic – Womb of  Lilithu (Season of Mist); Russian Circles – Memorial (Sargent House); Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Conscious (Relapse)

Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry Of Consciousness

Necrophobic -Womb Of Lilithu

Russian Circles – Memorial

Erra – Augment


  1. The difference between black metal and death metal is corpsepaint.

    Speaking of black metal, did you see on the music fail blog a recent tweet from Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance (http://cheezburger.com/7892073216)? He tweeted “I’m going to give Norwegian black metal another try.” Then his next tweet was: “Never mind.” I kind of feel of same way.

    What’s the ideal album length? As you alluded to, there is no ideal length. Abandon All Life by Nails is perfect at 17 minutes. Numerous double albums are just the right length to me, such as The Wall by Pink Floyd, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins, Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa, and Use Your Illusion (both I and II) by Guns n Roses. Ok, so maybe there are a few filler songs on Use Your Illusion, but I still love those 2 albums and in total they clock in at 2 hours and 32 minutes!

    A 10 point rating system versus a 5 point rating system? I don’t really have a strong feeling either way. One thought is that there might be more separation at the top with a 10 point scale. In a recent week you both gave Trivium and Death Angel a rating of a 4, but just from listening to you talk about them I got the sense that you both liked the Death Angel better. A 10 point scale could make that more clear. However, you don’t want to devolve the 10 point scale down to giving everything 8s and 7s like Decibel does: even for the stuff that isn’t any good. And as for the lack of differentiation in a 5 point scale, that gets settled at the end of the year when you release your rankings, so any ties between 5s get sorted out at the end of the year anyway.

    Nick, I am going to buy you an ugly sweater for Christmas and I expect to see pictures of you wearing it on Instagram. That’s the point of these sweaters, isn’t it? They make a great cheesy, ironic Christmas gift.

    1. PLEASE buy him an ugly sweater. And make it from a shitty band, like Winds of Plague (yes they have one too).

      Both those reasons you stated for and against a 10 point system are why I do want to do it but also am warry of it and don’t push harder. The example of Death Angel vs Trivium was perfect.

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