Episode 113: Better the Second Time Around

After coming off of last week’s show focusing on production, we’re happy to report that all the albums this week are produced very well.  On top of that, they are all full of good music!  We have four new albums whose bands are new to us, and two of those are also brand new bands! We also have a live review of the last top of “This Tour is Personal.”  So, it’s a very full episode, baked twice for extra deliciousness (just listen…we explain).


Reviews: Cronian Erathems (Season of Mist); Enter Shikari – Rat Race EP (Hopeless); Oblivion – Called to Rise (Unique Leader); Otargos – Apex Terror (Listenable); Unhuman – Unhuman (self-released)

Live Review: “This Tour is Personal” feat. PeripheryBorn of OsirisDead Letter CircusTwelve Foot Ninja @ Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY on November 20, 2013

Oblivion – Called To Rise

Cronian – Erathems

Otargos – Apex Terror

Enter Shikari – Rat Race EP

Unhuman – Unhuman


  1. What sparked you guys to review Call To Rise by Oblivion at this point in the year? I hadn’t heard of it before, but apparently it came out on January 1, 2013.

    I agree that the “This Tour Is Personal” show was awesome, even if I wasn’t impressed with Dead Letter Circus. Are you telling me that I like a “Hot Topic” band? Born of Osiris get coverage in Guitar World magazine, as does Periphery (but Periphery much more so). So be it if they are a hot topic band, because Born of Osiris was as awesome as I expected them to be.

    Yes, I had to ask Brian who Chris Barretto was. Even if I may have heard stuff recorded by him, I had never actually seen him before. Even if I didn’t exactly know who he was, it made for an exciting end to the show because I could sense that he was someone significant as the energy and excitement from the crowd was palpable and contagious.

    One final note about the show is a message to bands when they pick their setlists. If you are going to start your set with my favorite song of yours, then I am going to lose my energy by the end of your set. Yes, I’m getting old so I recognize it’s me. But my old bones would prefer it if bands worked their way up to my favorite songs instead of starting with Machine or Ragnarak.

    Regarding early year end lists, someone like Decibel (whose list is out now), seems to review almost all albums way ahead of the release date, which means they are getting the album WAY early. I remember reading their review of Carcass earlier this year and then looking up when it was coming out. It was being released 6 weeks later. That was when I was reading the physical, printed version of the magazine, which means they must have had the album a few weeks earlier than that. So for them to release a year end list now, they must already have all the releases for the year.

    For me personally, sure there are some things at the end of the year that might fall between the cracks (Deftones did that for me last year), but if we are to make a year end list, there has to be a line drawn somewhere. By the end of a calendar year I’ll never be able to listen to all of the albums released in that year anyway, so drawing an arbitrary line on December 10 (or around there) is something that just needs to be done.

    And finally, there seems to be a known acceptance of the fact that if you don’t get your album out by the beginning of November then you aren’t going to make it on anyone’s year end list. Haven’t you noticed the flood of releases around the end of October this year?

    1. Called to Rise was release independently by the band in January, but Unique Leader re-released it on CD after the band signed with them. I’m pretty sure I said that if you listened to all the words. 😛

      I agree about playing big songs early in the set. I have seen Chimaira start the show with The Flame, which should definitely be a middle of the set song, one to get the crowd re-energized like Machine or Ragnarak would do. On the other hand, if you have set list set up right, bands can start off strong and keep that energy going, then throw another powerful song in later to get the groove back if dies down.

      I am dreading rowing these end of the year lists. Like, more so than last year because there was so much good music. And speaking of Decibel…and I am not going to go into it too much because we will on the show…I really want to know how they come up with the list. There seems to be some really arbitrary bullshit going there. I know I didn’t listen to a number of the albums on the list, but for the ones I did, placement doesn’t seem to make sense.

      1. For the year end list, might I suggest just going with your favorites instead of trying to somehow be “objective”? Might that make things easier?

        As for Decibel’s list, there’s nothing on there that I’m too surprised about. Making these left-field picks that no one else likes is sort of their thing.

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