Episode 114: Scattershot

As promised, we have quite the musical line-up this week.  Ranging from furious Deathgrind to some gritty, Grunge-infused Stoner goodness to…Punk?  Yeah.  That happens!  And you’re gonna like it! We also have another addition to the (Side)Showcase and a First Impression!  Throw a song from everything covered, Brian rambling his way through a review or two, and a little little recap of the delicious eats from Thanksgiving, and you have yourself a solid Sideshow experience!


Reviews: Man Must Die Peace Was Never an Option (Lifeforce); Sandrider – Godhead (Good to Die); A Wilhelm Scream – Partycrasher (No Idea)

(Side)Showcase: Death Lab – Demo 2013

First Impression: Still Remains – “Close to the Grave” from Ceasing to Breathe out independently on December 17th

Sandrider – Godhead

Man Must Die – Peace Was Never An Option

A Wilhelm Scream – Partycrasher


Death Lab – Demo 2013


  1. Wilhem Scream falls into the same category as Audrey Horne and Shai Hulud: great band names. Do you know what a Wilhelm scream is? It’s the kind of thing where once you know what it is and what it sounds like, you start to notice it in movies more and more. George Lucas is well known for using “The Wilhelm” in all his movies. Check it out at: http://youtu.be/cdbYsoEasio

    As for the band Wilhelm Scream, I’ve never heard of them. A punk band that is technical? That sounds like a contradiction. What makes them punk? The vocals? To me that song you played sounds like metal, especially the guitars. So what is the difference between punk and metal? To me it is illustrated by the following: Luc Lemay of Gorguts went to Conservatory to study classical composition. That’s metal. Steve Jones, the guitar player of the Sex Pistols, knows how to play 3 chords. Metal musicians often go to great lengths to study their craft and improve their skills. Punk rejects formal training. Not that one approach is always better than the other, because I could easily argue that Never Mind The Bullocks is a better album than Colored Sands.

    Wilhelm Scream is on “No Idea” records? Is that really the name of the label? There is certainly an Abbott and Costello “Who’s On First” element to their name. “So, what label are you on?”…

    That Unhuman album from last week is unbelievable! You were certainly correct in saying last week that you might have found some good tech death in 2013. The first time I listen to an album I often just listen to it in the background to just sort of let the music soak in. But I was not able to do that with Unhuman, as this demanded every ounce of my attention. And those vocals. I think this one album covers every known style of extreme metal vocals – and then some. What the heck are those crazy vocal parts? They are not pig squeals. They sound more like a pig that can purr like a cat.

    And finally, I can’t let this go unnoticed. If it were any other Sunday, I wouldn’t have even blinked an eye about it. But after having spent the past 5 days with my brother-in-law who is Massachusetts born and bred, I could have done without another “wicked.” So what is the first thing I hear on this week’s podcast? Nick describing his turkey sandwich as “wicked good.” I’m all “wicked”-ed out. At least my brother-in-law had the decency to not once mention the fact that the Red Sox won the World Series this year.

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