Episode 115: Just Like Real Life

Your hosts had the infrequent privilege of recording the show together in person this week, which may not make a big difference to you listeners, but it is more fun for us.  Though, we hope the casual vibe of us chillin’, lounging in the same room came across when discussing this week’s new albums. Speaking of which, we are running out of those.  Next week will be the last episode of just new music as we will start with our end of the year shenanigans, so make sure you stay tuned for that!


Reviews: Dawn of Tears  Act III: The Dying Eve (Inverse); Deicide – In the Minds of Evil (Century Media); Mutoid Man – Helium Head (Magic Bullet); Weekend Nachos – Still (Relapse)

Deicide – In The Mind Of Evil

Mutoid Man – Helium Head

Weekend Nachos – Still

Dawn Of Tears – Act III: The Dying Eve


  1. Oh, and I realize you said that you don’t feel the need to seek out music similar to Nails and Weekend Nachos and would instead rather just let it come your way, but I might suggest checking out Dodsfest by Beaten To Death. It’s not a top album of the year for me, but it’s still pretty decent for something of that style.

  2. In addition to it being different for the two of you being in the same room, it sounds different for us listeners as well because it sounds like the microphone is on the other side of the room. Did Brian do the production this week?

    What do you mean Connecticut never wins??? Connecticut beats Jersey hands down!!!

    You don’t need to make a “collective” year end list: let me break the ties! I am going to post my list soon (within a week), so you can use me as the tiebreaker.

    Here’s why you don’t need a 10 point scale: when you went from a 3 point scale to a 5 point scale, it still in reality amounts to a buy/try/skip 3 point scale. How? A 5 is a buy, a 4 is a try, and a 3 is a skip. You don’t have to redefine your numbering system to a 10 point scale: you just have to start giving out 1s and 2s! I can see it now: if you went to a 10 point scale, you’d never give anything lower than a 5 and you’d rarely give anything a 10. You’d give everything a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. Hmm, that’s 5 numbers, which is exactly what you have now!

    1. Sorry about the sound quality! With the room layout, we used one mic this time with the gain up, and the levels looked ok. the production was on my computer, but done by Nick. We’ll be back to normal next week.

      Depends on what you are talking about…show crowds? Sometimes. Most other things? No.

      That is an interesting idea…we’ll see.

      While you have a valid point, we do in fact give less than 3. We just try not to pick shitty music to review (see last discussion about buying the music). And 3s are not skips. 3s are tries while 4 is probably buy and 5 is definitely buy (or something like that). Sure, I tend to give more 3s than maybe I should, but that doesn’t mean skip. Like this week…I would not consider Deicide a skip at all. It was a solid album, it just wasn’t awesome.

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