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  1. As you alluded to, I think there is no “magic number” of minutes that an album should ideally be. 18 minutes is perfect for Nails, 90 minutes is not too long for Pink Floyd.

    As for bricks and mortar stores to buy music, I know that Brian has Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey, but even in Manhattan there aren’t really any great places that I know of to buy physical CDs. J&R Music World, which I used to go to all the time to buy CDs has now consolidated their supply down to something much smaller than it used to be, although they have increased the vinyl they sell.

    You mentioned how Robb Flynn from Machine Head said their next album will probably have some shorter songs. I think Machine Head should go prog! The best Machine Head songs are all the long ones anyway.

    I was thinking about the same example that Nick noted about Altered State by TesseracT as the fact that sometimes what gets broken into “songs” is arbitrary. That album could easily be anywhere from one to four “songs” if they wanted to group it that way.

    You may or may not have remembered that I recommended Secrets of the Sky to you back in the comments of episode 107. As for their album To Sail Black Waters, it hasn’t quite grown on me as I would have thought it might. It didn’t make my top 20, and it also isn’t in that group of 6 or so albums that just missed my top 20. For me, I think I expected it to be somewhat like Pelagial by The Ocean. To Sail Black Waters clearly isn’t as good as Pelagial so I felt disappointed. But I realize that’s my shortcoming because in my opinion nothing that came out in 2013 was as good as Pelagial, so my expectations for Secrets of the Sky were clearly too high.

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