Episode 128: Who Needs Metal Anyway?

This week we have another lesson in “why Nick does not pick the music by himself.”  While he did well (enough) with one of them, he completely failed on the other, and 50% is not a passing grade anywhere.  Though, if you tend to side with Brian, he only found one of these five releases to be above average, so I guess it is all a matter of opinion right? Not matter what, music is played, fun is had, and another show goes into the record books.


Reviews: Barren Womb The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken (Spartan); I Am HeresyThy Will (Century Media); Ready, Set, Fall – Memento (Lifeforce); Wild Throne Blood Maker (Brutal Panda); Wolves Like Us – Black Soul Choir (Prosthetic)

Barren Womb – The Sun is Not Yellow, It’s Chicken 

Ready, Set, Fall – Memento 

Wild Throne – Blood Maker EP 

I Am Heresy – Thy Will 

Wolves Like Us – Black Soul Choir 


  1. It certainly doesn’t surprise me that none of the bands this week are on Metal Archives because tons of bands are not on Metal Archives. Between The Buried And Me, Bullet for My Valentine, Tesseract, and Periphery are not on Metal Archives.

    So did you hear back from Brutal Panda or did you just go ahead and play the Wild throne song anyway?

    1. We heard back just in time! We have a perfect track record of never playing a song without consent from a band or label.

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