Episode 129: This Sh*t’s Deep

What is Hardcore? How old does something have to be to be “old school”?  Do guitarists really need their own side-projects?  These are just some (or maybe all) of the deep, heavy questions we take a stab at in this week’s episode.  Do you think you know the answers or just want to throw your two cents in?  Then leave a comment and get in not he conversation.


Reviews: Architects (UK) Lost Together//Lost Forever (Epitaph); Conquering Dystopia – Conquering Dystopia (independent);  DestrageAre You Kidding Me? No. (Metal Blade); Polar Shadowed by Vultures (Prosthetic)

Destrage – Are You Kidding Me? No.

Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together

Conquering Dystopia – Conquering Dystopia

Polar – Shadowed By Vultures


  1. So I’m reading this month’s issue of Decibel (May 2014) and lo and behold they give the Destrange album a 2. Out of 10. Are they kidding me? No, they are not. What the hell is wrong with those guys at Decibel? If your metal album can’t easily be classified as doom or grind then it’s not hip enough for the dudes at Decibel. I mean, that album isn’t some undisputed classic, but it’s still a decent album worthy of the rating you guys gave it. I forgot if Nick gave it a 5 and Brian a 3 or if you both gave it 4s. But either way that translates into a 7 or 8 on a 10 point scale. Not a 2.Why do I still subscribe to Decibel when all I do is bitch about it?

    1. I am very behind on my Decibel…I am reading the Behomth issue from two months ago. I don’t always agree with the reviews either, though I do manage to find some good new bands based on them. I am interested to read that review, though, as Destrage is easily and acquired taste and can be heard as a mess. However, a 2 is pretty damn low, even for them on something like that.

      I have my issues with Decibel, but I like it over all. They do write some really good articles, and overall, I do enjoy the reviews section. Are they biased to the extreme of extremes? Without a doubt! But, I’m not going to read Revolver or Alternative Press, so Decibel it is! And besides, if we didn’t have complaints about it, we wouldn’t have much to talk about when it ocmes to the magazine, would we?

      1. I will admit that I derive a certain pleasure from complaining about Decibel. I hope you like baseball, because this month’s Decibel has a hell of a lot of articles about baseball. Even the beer article is about beer at baseball stadiums (this is a heavy metal magazine we’re talking about). Fortunately for me I happen to like baseball and beer, so I figure I’ll continue reading Decibel.

  2. Comment Originally left by “bobsala”. We had to update the post, so it got lost with the original:

    If Conquering Dystopia is more guitar wankery than Jeff Loomis’s solo album then it sounds like something awesome. Having background players to support what a guitarist is shredding is what it’s all about! And you gave it a 1! I’m certainly going to have to check it now.

    Nick summed up hardcore quite well. It’s not just the drumbeats that are simplistic in hardcore punk, but the entire musical language is simplistic. Basic rhythms, guitars playing nothing but power chords (no solos), and the vocal style as Nick describes. Not that there is anything wrong with simplistic music.

    And my response:

    Please do! Again, it wasn’t offensively bad, but like Nick said, it is just unnecessary. The add in the added disappoint of not using the other awesome members he and Merrow brought aboard, and we don’t car so much. If he they were utilized more, I would probably gone with at least a 3…the guitar work is fantastic, but the songs are just padding so it’s soloing over dead air.

    I don’t know how I feel about summing up hardcore as simplistic music with simplistic music with simplistic lyrics, vocals, etc. It seems…too simple.

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